VW Golf MK3 Air Lift Complete Air Ride Suspension Kits

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VW Golf MK3 Air Lift Complete Air Ride Suspension Kits

Air Lift Performance

We get it. You own a MK3 golf, so understandably one of your biggest goals is to be lower than low. The lowest. Lower than anyone else at a show. So low you reach that elite group of low owners, “frame layer”. We get it, lower is better. We couldn’t agree more!

However, what comes hand in hand with driving a low car? Chassis damage, frequent exhaust repairs, possibly the cruel road even pulling parts off your car as you bundle down the street in your lowest of low VW. Sure, sparks mean scene points, but try and tell us one thing cool thing about asking the general public to help you un-beach your car from an unforgiving large speed-bump?

There has been increasing popularity over the years of a strange and scary new technology that we as old school scrapers are becomingly increasingly aware of, and for good reason too! That technology is air suspension. That’s right, the same technology that allows a bus to drop down so 94 year old Dorris can get the number 34 to town is now gracing the shelves of auto parts stores around the world!

So, you may ask, how does that involve you? Well in fact, it could be the answer to all of the aforementioned problems that comes with being “about that static life”. At VW Parts International we can supply many configurations of Air Lift air ride kits that, once installed, allow you to lower and raise your vehicle at the flick of a switch, the touch of a button, or even the swipe of a smart-phone app! TAP That APP!

You’re able to pick out a full Air Lift Complete kit For 2-3k, that can cater for your specific needs and budget. We already know your next point: “That’s far more expensive than springs or coilovers”. Granted, it is as a purchase far more expensive than buying springs or coils or cutting springs! Please do not cut springs. Ever! However name the single biggest and most silent killer of the MK3 golf. Rust. Yes, that terrible brown wood worm of the metallic world, that single handedly puts MK3s into the scrapyard in the sky more than any other fate. If you drive a static hella-low daily, the scene point spars are a sign of bare, un-anodised metalwork being scraped away, leaving you with the building blocks for a future rot-mobile.

When you can have the best of both worlds, saving your chassis from the road, saving your dignity from those cruel speed-bumps, and in turn giving you a noticeable advantage over the static scene in your chosen show appearances, it begs the question: “Why is my car still not on air ride?”

We put it to you, that as true MK3 golf enthusiasts we should strive to care for and enjoy them, rather than hasten in their demise. We put it to you to invest in your choice of Air Lift kit, to single handedly make the biggest difference to not only the life of your VW, but vastly improve on your scene status.
The base model kit Air Lit’s 4 way manual paddle management with Slam Series Bags includes all you need to install a dynamic manual air ride system with a 5 inch drop!

More bells and whistles? iphone / Android App control?  then choose Air Lift’s 3H Management with Slam Series Bags TAP that APP and control height and pressure!

Remember, this doesn’t only apply to Golf MK3s. If you drive something different and still would like to explore the possibilities of an Air Lift kit on your car, please welcome to message,

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