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Remembering The Queen

Princess Elizabeth, as a 2nd Subaltern in the ATS, leans against a vehicle during training. Imperial War Museum, TR 2835.

Remembering The Queen, the courage and strength given to all.

As Queen Elizabeth II crosses that bridge and meets back up with the Duke. We would like to look back on something special to us, close to our hearts.

From a courageous and inspiring Young Princess to the longest serving Queen.

At only 16, the then Princess Elizabeth took her first regimental inspection, in 1944 Princess Elizabeth turned 18, she insisted upon joining the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS), the women’s branch of the British Army, starting as a mechanic.

In March 1945. Princess Elizabeth began her training as a mechanic. Only 2 months later the war was over.

Princess Elizabeth, as a 2nd Subaltern in the ATS, leans against a vehicle during training. Imperial War Museum, TR 2835.
WOMEN AT WAR 1939 – 1945 (TR 2835) Auxiliary Territorial Service: Princess Elizabeth, a 2nd Subaltern in the ATS, wearing overalls and standing in front of an L-plated truck. In the background is a medical lorry. Copyright: © IWM. Original Source:


At this very same time, Ivan Hirst was busy in Germany.  How inspiring the young Princess’s presence must have been, giving the strength and courage to succeed.

Ivan Hirst – British Officer and Manager of Volkswagen’s Postwar Recovery. 

Not only the actual survival of the Volkswagen Works in Wolfsburg after the Second World War, but also their present form can be largely accredited to the efforts of one Englishman: Ivan Hirst. The international press became interested in his life in February 2000 when he died at the age of 84.

While The Guardian commented, “Ivan Hirst. Englishman who made Volkswagen part of the German economic miracle”, the International Herald Tribune celebrated Hirst as the “rescuer of Volkswagen “. The Times described him as the “British soldier who got the Volkswagen Beetle on the road”.

And in the Automotive News he was the “British officer who revived VW”. None of these articles failed to underline the ironic twist of history: the decisive role in the reconstruction of the successful German automobile maker was played by a British officer.

They also focused on a previously little explored aspect of the postwar period: The Allied victory placed hundreds of German factories into Allied trusteeship under the Allied Control Council Law No. 52.

In many cases, such as under the ‘North German Iron and Steel Control’ and the ‘North German Coal Control’, this entailed only general control and planning. In other companies, however, the realisation of interests demanded direct intervention. Given that leading German businessmen had either fled or had been imprisoned, military staff had to take over company management. Numerous plants and factories remained under Allied control for months, indeed sometimes for years. And yet to date little research has been done on either the form of corporate management under the Allies or the biographies of these enterprising military men.

Which professional qualities did these officers have to offer? What tasks did they master and what were their aims? What can be said about their motivations, background and indeed how their lives continued?

20,000 Volkswagen's Ivan Hirst
3.4 The Start of Production under British Control
The British military and government authorities soon realised that much had changed in Wolfsburg. And given that the military government desperately needed cars it wasn’t long before someone had the bright idea of simply doubling the order for 20,000 Volkswagens.


Ivan Hirst represents one of the most interesting examples of management under the Allies. As Senior Resident Officer he was in charge of the Volkswagen Works between 1945 and 1949. While the plant’s chances of survival were regarded as very low in 1945, it had become the biggest automobile maker in Germany on his departure in 1949. Hirst’s biography reveals the influence of structures, policies and personalities on the course of postwar developments in Germany which also had a decisive impact on the history of Volkswagen.

Ivan Hirst Historical Notes Vol 4
Copyright: © 2022 Robert Bentley, Inc.

Here at VWPI we are saddened by the death of Queen Elizabeth II, but we are also reminded of the great inspiration, strength and courage instilled in millions of people by her, through to this day.

Images in this article are published under editorial fair use with original authors acknowledged, for educational purposes and out of respect and in memory to those mentioned.

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The only i20n on the planet with Milltek Carbon Fibre Quad Exhaust Tips

The only i20n on the planet with Milltek Carbon Fibre Quad Exhaust Tips

We have always been open to helping everyone, not only Volkswagen or Audi owners, we help people who own all sorts of models, mks and brands of vehicles.

One of our first customers, not only owned a Volkswagen but other cars too and asked for our help as they loved the service, likewise we recall a customer who’d sold up and bought another brand, and sought our help. Not to mention not everyone has a daily of the same brand, not everybody is brand exclusive.

Due to that demand and throughout VWPI’s history, we’re often asked and we’ve often helped customers via our 2nd site

Part Werx had it’s own eBay shop, but we merged both web shop inventories to replicate into the VW Parts International eBay shop and it is via our eBay shop that the owner of the Hyundai i20n got in touch, looking to add 2 more Carbon Fibre Tips to his already current pair, so going from twin tips to quad tips.

So we thought we’d share this with you, in case you’re just wondering can we help, yes we can is the answer.

Milltek Sport Carbon Tips are a little more universal than the rest of the range of vehicle specific Milltek Sport tips.

And here we are, Milltek Carbon Fibre Quad Exhaust Tips meets the i20n OMG.

The only i20n on the planet with Milltek Carbon Fibre Quad Exhaust Tips

We hope you too can appreciate the finished vehicle, and for you Volkswagen fans, it’s almost as good as a Golf, but not a Golf as the Polo advert goes, somebody’s pride and joy, which we can all relate too and appreciate.

OMG, Very nice look!  Enjoy ;)

See the Milltek Sport 90mm Jet Carbon Fibre Tips, right here in our shop.

Got another brand of vehicle?  Browse our vast range over on or in our eBay shop,

We do our best to replicate the brilliant service you may be used to, the same level of quality as our customers here can confirm. Your success matters.

The daily, the project, the track car, the brand, any brand of vehicle, we have you covered, live that dream and enjoy!

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David’s Volkswagen Golf MK5 GTI Engine upgrade to Audi TTS TFSI

David's Volkswagen Golf MK5 GTI Engine upgrade to Audi TTS TFSI

What a dream build. David’s Volkswagen Golf MK5 GTI Engine upgrade to Audi TTS TFSI

So where do we start, browsing for parts near midnight, David messaged us as he was after an Oil Filter, supplied us all the info and we had him the link back within the hour, fast as that, posted out next day. But that’s not where it ends..

It was all in David’s Message. Glaring at us.

My car is a 2005 golf GTi Mk5.
My engine is a 2009 Audi TTS TFSI EA113
(engine code is CDL)

Just staring us right there amongst the friendly polite request for help, politeness gets us, but a mention of the car, the build, often grabs our attention just more than a ‘will it fit’ with no model info, no please or thanks…  amongst that we saw a dream build!

WOW! We read and see and document many dream builds, all special. This one is another very special build! An oil filter is a critical last part, we’re proud to help at any stage of the build.

Imagine a Audi TTS TFSI engine in your Golf.

Well we knew you’d love to imagine and read about this, so we asked David to tell us more and show us and here we are.

David says “The first picture being when I got the car 3 years ago and the last one was a couple of weeks ago at Donington Park. I have completely striped the car out and refreshed everything. New interior (newer), had respray, engine swap due to blown engine (originally AXX engine), suspension, hubs, brakes, everything. Just put on S3 brakes and control arms this weekend. More to come.
Atm it’s just over 360bhp 354ft”

More to come…. Well if that’s not insight into David’s build, there’s more to come later, we just can’t wait to see a follow up one day and proud to have helped even if only for an oil filter. What a brilliant build, a massive credit to David and the envy of many with that engine swap. Envy but so much inspiration, with hard work that is what you can achieve!  We’re here to help next time David needs anything.

Find David and his super Golf MK5 on Instagram @builtnotbought81

Be it a simple Oil Filter or any parts you need, here at VWPI we are here to help, near any time, any parts and like above we want to know about your dream build!




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Handle With Care Someones Dreams Are Inside. Your Dreams Are Inside.

Handle With Care Someones Dreams Are Inside. Your Dreams Are Inside

Because we Understand the importance. Your Dreams Are Inside.

Fragile tape is so common, does anyone really take notice? Not always…
Further, we understand and get it, a part can be the make or break, of completing your dream car build.

So we commissioned our own and very personal fragile labels, to relay just how important a package and the contents are.
Postmen and freight handlers can appreciate the message as they too have dreams and we hope it helps.

To receive a package with your dreams inside, shop here at VW Parts International

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Giuseppe’s RS7 LMBO KLR from Australia Now with Milltek Sport Exhaust

Giuseppe's RS7 LMBO KLR from Australia Now with Milltek Sport Exhaust

Giuseppe’s RS7 LMBO KLR from Australia Now with Milltek Sport Exhaust

Giuseppe reached out to us looking to upgrade his RS7 exhaust.

Giuseppe had his eye on a Milltek Sport Exhaust complete with the added large bore downpipes and cat pipes (cats added further down to comply with emissions). After the exhaust had shipped out and installation was complete, we asked for more info on the build;

Giuseppe explains, “LMBO KLR was born in 2017 when I purchased my first RS7 C7 the car also featured a Milltek Sport Exhaust and a list of mods that saw it run a 10.9 quarter mile pass @ 124mph on 22″ wheels.

LMBO KLR 2.0 an RS7 C8, Features the Full Milltek Sport Exhaust System supplied by VWPI, the Milltek Sport Performance Exhaust Particulate Filter Back (Twin 80mm) with Cerakote Black Oval Trims and the complimenting Milltek Sport Performance Exhaust Large Bore Downpipes and Cat Bypass Pipes, BMC Air Filter with Evolve Technic Engine and Gearbox Tune thanks to the Team at Mr Tuning.

The final result was 757hp and 1070nm The car is yet to be run down the quarter mile but hoping for a mid to high 10sec pass. The car honestly behaves well and has a lot of street manners with a lot of ride comfort but with a push of a button can turn into a fire breathing beast.”

Just wow at that sound, eye dazzling pictures, that extra punch with the Milltek Sport Exhaust…. If that’s not beast mode, what is? Very inspiring indeed.

Milltek Sport are a world renowned brand of performance exhaust, known for quality, improved performance and sounds. Milltek have a way of bettering even the best!

Here at VWPI, having helped 1000s of Audi owners over the years, we are no stranger to Audi or Milltek Sport Exhausts, having had the little brother of the R8, the TT 3.2, we love 6 pots and Milltek’s on them all, Audi is a special brand in the Volkswagen group and we love helping all owners be it Volkswagen or Audi, when customers need our help, OEM or performance, we’re here to help.

Well that’s a wrap, it was a real pleasure to help Giuseppe, we’re proud to have helped and be able to share the outcome here and we wish him all the best for smashing that 10sec pass.  We hope this write up inspires you to live the dream of achieving whatever you want to do with your car, your pride and joy.

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Sean’s New Beetle 18T Now with New Rare RSi Spoiler upgrade

Sean's New Beetle 18T Now with New Rare RSi Spoiler upgrade

Sean’s New Beetle 18T Now with New Rare RSi Spoiler upgrade

This started life as a standard 1.8 T, Sean explains, I brought it sold as seen, advertised as scrapping.

It was several shades of yellow with gloss paint dripped on it from when they painted the house. It hadn’t moved for 2 years so I struggled to start it.

Cleaned the green moss off washed it down got rid of the smell of dogs along with a ton of dog hair! Only brought it as a smoker to take me to and from the Airport for work.

But I got the itch to do something special.

So I bought some Stuttgart ST2 18 alloys, and found some AP Coil overs off an MK4 Golf GTI, I also fitted a steel sump guard. I also managed to find a super rare rear boot OE bike carrier. Nice!

I then got a stage 1 remap, Filter, Forge Hoses TIP Forge DV , N75 “J”.

Full custom Stainless steel catback with twin Akrapovic Carbon Tips. Full customized Carbon Fuel filler cap, Carbon scuff plates, Carbon Fuse Side panel with matching passenger side panel in Carbon. Carbon clock surround. Carbon door handle covers.
Double Din with Carbon Overlays. Carlab rear Halo Lights with Sequential Indicators, Upgraded front DLR headlights.

Full Votex kit OE with OE Votex flared sills. (all brand new never fitted). Rear V5 sports bumper.

Smoothed bonnet with badge delete. Rear boot with Badge delete with pop lock (so I can still get in). replaced my AP coil over to Full air suspension. Ta Technix with KNTRL management. Full double yellow replay and now with an RSI OEM Rear Spoiler, supplied by VWPI.

Switched original back leather to the V5 sport leather. Then replaced this with R32 seats. R32 steering wheel. Fully customised R32 carpet mats. Black headliner, black glove box. split and refitted door panels with black version. Anniversary GTi interior lights/alarm sensors and anniversary sun visors with light vanity mirrors.

Just been asked to show the car at upcoming shows, keep an eye out and say hi.

Next stop … new alloys.

So there we have it, Sean’s New Beetle 18T Now with New Rare RSi Spoiler upgrade, wow what a special Volkswagen Beetle and brilliant modifications and now with a very rare part. Pleasure to help Sean! Enjoy!

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Volkswagen Golf MK2 Body Floor Repair Panel Welded In Dream In The Making

Volkswagen Golf MK2 Body Floor Repair Panel Welded In Dream In The Making

When the floor rots through, you can do a Fred Flintstone impression or get some repair panels from us here at VWPI and get the car back to full health, go back to using the engine, another Dream In The Making.

Here our customer has done just that, repaired and restored using the Body Floor Repair Panels specific for the Golf MK2, next, well the sky is the limit now the floor is fixed. Just living the dream. We can’t wait to see an update and see the full outcome.

Volkswagen Golf MK2 Body Floor Repair Panel Welded In Dream In The Making
All fitted, welded in and seam sealed for protection.

Volkswagen Golf MK2 Body Floor Repair Panel Welded In Dream In The Making
Good job, here’s another angle showing the new floor :)

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Volkswagen Golf MK4 4 Door Restored with New Outer Sills Painted NEW Lease of Life

Volkswagen Golf MK4 4 Door Restored with New Outer Sills Painted NEW Lease of Life

A very happy customer sent in some pictures of his newly restored Volkswagen Golf MK4 4 Door Restored with New Outer Sills Painted NEW Lease of Life

Wow we just love this, love the effort and dedication it takes to cut out the old sills, weld in the new, all the prep and paint, it all takes blood sweat and tears, now  the car has a new lease of life, more enjoyment and many years are ahead, we’re proud to have helped by suppling the repair panels needed.

Now just to help sort some new bungs and it’s time for our customer to just enjoy!

Restoring your Golf MK4 ? Browse our range of repair panels here for your Golf MK4



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LiteBlox Battery Charging Maintenance

LiteBlox Battery Charging Maintenance

LiteBlox Battery Charging Maintenance

LiteBlox Batteries require very little charging maintenance with every day use, for everyday use you can maintain or trickle charge now and then using lb100 if or when required. Certainly if the vechile is left unused as per the ‘standing time’ duration, the battery should be trickle charged to keep it at full capacity using lb100 as a minimum (larger batteries may require lb300).

How to charge, LiteBlox Battery Charging Maintenance.

Maintenance charging – charge using the LiteBlox lb100 Charger, assumes you have a connection with LiteBlox APP.

  1. Ensure to update the LiteBlox APP for the latest features and improvements.
  2. Site the battery and charger in safe working positions, do not place batteries on the direct floor, use some rubber or thick cardboard to insulate against the cold.
  3. Simply connect + – to the related poles.
  4. Plug in the power using a suitable adaptor if required.
  5. Turn on the charger.
  6. The charger will come on and off as needed.
  7. You can monitor charging state via the LiteBlox APP.

How to charge your LiteBlox Battery from a discharged state.

Leaving the battery longer than the standing time with no use and no charge, can cause discharge of the LiteBlox battery, all batteries will discharge overtime with no use or maintenance. If this happens Do not panic, with the careful and attentive support from us and LiteBlox, an application of a particular voltage/wattage can be advised, only by us or LiteBlox support, this can help to wake up and charge the battery again.

We recommend from experience the LiteBlox lb300 Charger, as it has the capacity and better intelligence to instantly awaken a discharged or flat battery without trying various voltages, the lb300 is so smart, it just does the job.

Charging from a discharged and or non responsive state.

  1. First, update the LiteBlox APP and ensure you have the Passwort/password to hand as that will be required.
  2. Navigate to your smartphone bluetooth settings, decouple or forget this item.
  3. Now connect the + – to their respective poles on the LiteBlox battery and plug in using a suitable adaptor if required.
  4. Turn the power on.
  5. The lb300 will immediately start to charge and apply voltage.
  6. After a few minutes, open the LiteBlox APP, scan, now enter the passwort/password as requested.
  7. The App should now open and you will see the state of play.
  8. After a some time, charging will be complete and you can also reset any errors.
  9. Logs can also be sent to LiteBlox if you feel there is a problem.
  10. Monitor charging and do not leave unattended unless all is ok.

For future and to recap.  LiteBlox Battery Charging Maintenance is important. Do Not Let the LiteBlox battery become discharged, you can help it by keeping it maintained using any Liteblox charger such as the lb100 or lb300 during periods of little or no use, both are capable of maintaining the battery at a good state.

From our experience only the lb300 will easily awaken and charge a flat battery.

The above article is supplementary only and second only to the official guidance from Liteblox, written from our use and own experience, please refer back to the LiteBlox documentation if unsure or contact us if you have any questions.

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Celebrating OEM Volkswagen Parts & Easter

Celebrating OEM Volkswagen Parts & Easter

Join the Easter Egg Hunt, simply buy parts of a package size or larger and then check your delivery for the limited edition Chocolate Easter Eggs.

We have 100s of boxes to give away in the Easter Egg Hunt. 150 boxes given away already at time of writing and the kids are grabbing them fast so we hear!  Don’t miss out. Buy parts through Easter, check your package!

Here at VW Parts International, the seasons are an important time to reflect, on what we all have achieved, the parts resurrected, the dreams we help you to build, and our hope and prayers for more parts to come back from NLA status in the future.

Whether or not you celebrate Easter, it’s a public holiday, for many, and a time for all the family, a time to relax and a time to work on the pride and joy.

Celebrating OEM Volkswagen parts & Easter. The rabbit is the first Golf symbol and we all love a chocolate egg, what a fitting match. Get the matching chrome Rabbit emblem in our shop!

Use the coupon at checkout for the Easter egg hunt and check your package.

Happy Easter to all of our customers from all over the world.

Eggs will be included with any large item parts not just oem parts, where a coupon is used will certainly guarantee we won’t miss your package, while stocks last, some countries will restrict chocolate so it may be substituted for another cool gift.