Genuine OEM VW Nuts and Bolts!

Genuine OEM VW Nuts and Bolts! Old versus New.

Picture this. You are way into a job on your car. Too far in to go back, and things start becoming difficult. Bolts start rounding off, heads snap from the years of torque they’ve been subjected to, before we’ve come along and started prying them loose.

Let’s be honest, this is really frustrating when this happens, and can really throw a spanner in the works as to your car getting you to work the next day, or date night later that evening. We know this, we’ve been there.

Hind-sight will at this point start kicking in, wishing you’d better prepared with a new set of bolts. This won’t help as you’re now without a drivable car to get hold of said nuts or bolts. Oh, the drama. You start considering less advised or maybe even down-right silly options such as “Surely it can lose a bolt and be ok until I replace it”, or my personal favourite “I’m sure I have a similar bolt somewhere I can ram in”. I’ve been here also, it’s a big headache and no one has time for things like this.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier to know that it doesn’t matter if a bolt rounds off, the head comes off or it just needs drilling out, that you’ve got all the bolts already new with some lock-tite if needed, so you can press on knowing that brand new 0 mile hardware is going to replace it all shortly? We say yes, that sounds far less of a headache.

At VW Parts international, we have hundreds, even thousands of replacement bolts for sale, such as caliper carrier bolts (one of the most prone to rounding), and drive shaft bolts. Please don’t risk it, take a couple of minutes in preparation to get replacement hardware on the premiss that more than likely one of these nuts or bolts will give you grief otherwise! Get Genuine Volkswagen Bolts from our shop, make life that be easier, and if you’re doing a full nut and bolt rebuild, then you know already the benefits! There is nothing better than using new genuine parts, well apart from chroming  or gold plating them. lol one for another blog!

Own a VW Golf MK3 or VR6? We could almost guarantee the rear caliper carrier bolts will round off or need drilling out. I’m speaking from experience, having had a situation where I needed to leave the country to go back to work overseas the next day, this job is not fun when it doesn’t go right! A new set of Golf MK3 GTI and VR6 caliper carrier bolts would have sorted me out.

Drive a VW Golf MK4 GTI or R32? damaging the head on a drive shaft bolt and being left unable to correctly re-tighten it is a nightmare. Save the headache and buy a new set.

Remember we stock many, many more variants for a huge range of models and uses, try the search bar above or bolts and fixings category.

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