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FK Lowering Springs

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What is the single biggest upgrade for your car that will both increase the driving performance and simultaneously add serious street-cred within the car community? A strong argument surely would be suspension, right? Holding your car to the road better, while also sitting lower for more stance scene points is a win win, and can be achieved on a very modest budget!

At VW Parts International we stock a huge variety of FK lowering springs, all at brilliantly low prices. High brand performance with a price tag a paper round can afford, what could be better? With set-ups for your particular car varying from -20mm lowering down to a -75mm drop! depending on model, and with prices upwards of only £48.61, this really is the perfect first mod for your blank canvas car!

For a perfect example, many of us own a VW Golf Mk3, one of the most popular cars to grace the modifying scene. With these you have a good selection available, for example a 40mm lowering kit or a 75mm front 60mm rear kit, both priced at only £70.07

If you happen to own a Skoda on the other hand, you can pick up a set of Skoda Fabia 40mm lowering springs or Skoda Roomster 40mm lowering springs for the price of £48.61. Yes that’s right, you can stance out your Skoda for the price of a monthly phone bill!

Remember, the expectation is high, that your car will be low – don’t feel left out!

Different model than mentioned within this blog? please feel welcome to email me and I’ll be happy to help locate you a set of lowering springs at a fantastic price!

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