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“Our competence is a measure of our customers success” – Founder of VWPI

Our competence is a measure of our customer’s success or failure, read their stories here and how we helped. We are an independent OEM + performance parts supplier, our mission can be defined as your ambition to success! Share your story, how we helped if so and let us all be as proud as you are! All models welcome.

Customer Cars – Harkz’s Dragon Green MK3 Golf!

VW Parts International Blog: Customer Cars – Harkz’s Dragon Green MK3 Golf! After the fantastic response received on Rob’s VR6, it seemed only fair to cover another Customer Car! Unfortunately as many of you are aware I disappeared off for some rather important surgery to repair the mess that is my right arm – so […]

Customer Cars – Steve’s Golf Mk3 VR6!

VW Parts International Blog Customer Cars – Steve’s Golf Mk3 VR6 It is with great pleasure as the publisher of the VWPI blog that I can begin a new section to our blogs. Every week there will now be a new “Customer Car”! Every week a full feature will be written here specifically about one […]

Jordan’s VR6 B4 Passat

One cool OEM+ Wagon This Passat started its life back in 1995, coming from the factory, fitted with the brilliant VR6 lump, making this B4, a cool wagon in its own right. Now, since being in the Hands of its owner, Jordan, its had somewhat of an OEM + upgrade. Picture: WOTPIX From the outside, […]

Volkswagen Golf MK2 Body Floor Repair Panel Welded In Dream In The Making

When the floor rots through, you can do a Fred Flintstone impression or get some repair panels from us here at VWPI and get the car back to full health, go back to using the engine, another Dream In The Making. Here our customer has done just that, repaired and restored using the Body Floor […]

Alejandro’s Perfect MK3 from Mexico

Surf Green Perfection So, we came across this absolute stunner by chance I suppose, Alejandro got in touch when we had some of the very last original stock of some cool green interior handbrake levers for the MK3. We were sent a picture of the car he was buying for, and we knew instantly that […]

Carlos’ Perfect ‘Again’ R32 from Los Angeles U.S.A

R32 Perfect ‘Again’ Say hello to Carlos and his Volkswagen Golf MK4 R32, named ‘Summer’. Carlos explained, “My girlfriend helped me name her that because I obtained my dream car last summer, as I’d had the best summer of my life”. So as we understand from here on, 2020 ended well bar a great nasty […]

Richards VR6 Vento, from Hungary with love

A labour of love Now, it’s no secret that here at VWPI we do love a mk3, whatever the variation, hatch, estate or saloon. But this Vento came to my attention again recently, what first took my eye was the colour, I knew it wasn’t a factory MK3 hue, but it looked right at home on […]

David’s Volkswagen Golf MK5 GTI Engine upgrade to Audi TTS TFSI

What a dream build. David’s Volkswagen Golf MK5 GTI Engine upgrade to Audi TTS TFSI So where do we start, browsing for parts near midnight, David messaged us as he was after an Oil Filter, supplied us all the info and we had him the link back within the hour, fast as that, posted out […]

The Daily Race Car

What Lies Beneath Robin got in touch with a cool looking white, 4-door, big bumper MK2, and what a MK2 it is. From the outside, Robins MK2 has a seemingly understated OEM look to it, but if you’re at a 1/4 mile track day and this comes up next to you, there’s a good chance you’re just going […]

Brad’s VW R32, Volkswagen Golf MK5 R32 Installed With Air Lift Performance 3H & Slam Series Struts

Take a Volkswagen Golf MK5 R32, lock and load it with Air Lift Performance 3H Management and Slam Series Struts and you have a fine combination. @brad_r32 has done just that and just how nice does she sit? Very nice in our view. What say you? With all the features of Air Lift Performance’s flag […]

One cool MK3 wagon

The second time’s the charm… An awesome “started from the bottom” story from Trem, in his own words. We love this wagon, enjoy. B.Sword_Photography I got sucked into cars from a young age with my dad having ford Cortinas and Granada’s, but have always loved the ones that stood out from the crowd or don’t […]

Volkswagen Golf MK4 4 Door Restored with New Outer Sills Painted NEW Lease of Life

A very happy customer sent in some pictures of his newly restored Volkswagen Golf MK4 4 Door Restored with New Outer Sills Painted NEW Lease of Life Wow we just love this, love the effort and dedication it takes to cut out the old sills, weld in the new, all the prep and paint, it […]

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