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Viair 77P Winner Announced

And the Winner is……. Drum Roll…..

Well done to David, you are the winner of our Viair 77P competition :)

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The Daily Race Car

What Lies Beneath

Robin got in touch with a cool looking white, 4-door, big bumper MK2, and what a MK2 it is.

From the outside, Robins MK2 has a seemingly understated OEM look to it, but if you’re at a 1/4 mile track day and this comes up next to you, there’s a good chance you’re just going to see the back of it for this run… the only giveaway for the eagle-eyed amongst its victims, is the badge that sits in the front grille…

Robin explains how he came to have this car, and gives us a rundown of this daily driven racer.

“I’ve owned the car for 11yrs.

It started life as a 2E 2L 8v digifant motor, eventually converted to a modern EFI making 91kw and 164nm.

These were produced in South Africa in 1992 under the VWSA motorsports banner, as a “test” vehicle for the mk3 gti as we never received a 16v mk3 gti, but one with a 2.0 8v.

The car is used as a true daily driver. Long road trips are part of its life. I drag race it and as a 1.8T 20v, it’s been down the strip over 320 times over 3 years. It’s seen a couple track days.

Plans to go big turbo are in the works, but not as quickly as I’d like.
The car is built on the foundation that if it can’t be a daily, I won’t build it.”

We love this dedication to keeping this as a useable, reliable car, but with the power to surprise a lot of newer cars.

We are loving how clean of an install this is, its almost as if it was there from factory.

Robin explains the spec here…

1.8T 20v AGU
AJH intake
63mm downpipe and exhaust.
Custom intercooler and stainless steel piping.
GFB decepter pro 2 electronic bov
GFB G-force 2 electronic boost controller.
Powermods management with flat foot shifting and 2-step launch control.
Poly engine mounts

BC Racing BR edition coilovers.
16″ volk racing G25 lightweight 7J with 195/45 Nankang NS2 tyres.
14″ stock “rib cage” wheels are used in winter on Yokohama s-drive 185/55 tyres.

The car made 140kw 321nm at the wheels. With more work in the pipeline, we are going to keep in touch with Robin, as this build can only get better, and quicker.

We love how this MK2 has been built to be a true sleeper, easily mistaken for something it’s not, until it passes you, well done Robin, can’t wait to see where this goes.

If you would like your car featured here, then get in touch, you can contact us via the website on our live chat feature, or any of our socials, we love seeing our customers builds, and we are honoured to be a part of them.

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Alejandro’s Perfect MK3 from Mexico

Surf Green Perfection

So, we came across this absolute stunner by chance I suppose, Alejandro got in touch when we had some of the very last original stock of some cool green interior handbrake levers for the MK3. We were sent a picture of the car he was buying for, and we knew instantly that we needed more info on this beautiful green machine.

Alejandro sent us some amazing pictures and a spec list that any car guy would love, and it’s all packed into this Surf Green 90’s hatch.

The interior & exterior mods include:

  • Surf green metallic paint
  • European spec bumpers & tailgate
  • Heckblende
  • Rear golf emblem XX Edition Yahre
  • ABT skirts
  • BBS LM 17×7.5 & 8.5
  • Tires 165/40/17, 195/40/17 rear
  • Airlift Performance V2 air ride
  • Austrian auto DJ headlights and original Hella Smoke and Reflective fog light kit
  • Neuspeed Upper front and rear stabilizer bars.
  • GTi green Recaro seats & door cards
  • Green colour concept steering wheel
  • Green colour concept handbrake
  • Votex Pedals
  • 3.6 FSI engine
  • 312mm Cupra Discs.
  • Clutch Copper and fiber, Steering wheel and New Transmission.
  • Borla exhaust

The mods don’t stop there, Alejandro has also built quite a decent audio system in the R36 too, too make it sound as good as it looked.


  • Audiofrog GB15 Tweeters
  • Audiofrog GB60 Woofers
  • Audiofrog GB615C Xovers
  • In the back, we use a pair of coaxial Audiofrog GS62
  • Subwoofers Audiofrog GS10D2, a pair.
  • Audison AV Voce Quattro 800 watts for media
  • Audison AV Voce Quattro 1200 watts for subwoofers
  • The wiring came from SUONO, 100% copper, as well as the accessories.
  • The acoustic treatment on front doors and rear panels ran a load of Soundskins and ADS.
  • We also use Soundskins rings.
  • Signal quality and processing provided by a Pioneer DEX.P99RS, one of my preferred units for this type of projects where performance is a priority.

The interior is classic MK3, some subtle touches include the colour concept steering wheel and gear knob with green stitch, spy the Fischer cd holder and the perfect placement of the V2 controller.

The front of this MK3 just looks so clean, the smoked headlights and fogs work so well with the Surf Green, and you can just see that 3.6 FSI, the only clue to what lies beneath is the OEM R36 badge sitting in the 2-slat GTI grille.

Its no secret that we love a MK3 here at VWPI, we stock 1000s of MK3 parts, so we love the fact that our customers want to take the time to share their cars with us, especially when they are over 5,000 miles away!

Thanks for sharing Alejandro, and keep up the amazing work with the MK3.

If you would like your car featured here, then get in touch, you can contact us via the website on our live chat feature, or any of our socials, we love seeing our customers builds, and we are honoured to be a part of them.

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One cool MK3 wagon

The second time’s the charm…

An awesome “started from the bottom” story from Trem, in his own words.

We love this wagon, enjoy.


I got sucked into cars from a young age with my dad having ford Cortinas and Granada’s, but have always loved the ones that stood out from the crowd or don’t see anymore.

The main reason I went for a mk3 golf estate was that I needed a more practical car for when I go to steam rallies tractor pulling and no check engine lights, before that I had a Honda civic ej9, and yes it was fun to drive and work on, but being petrol and a hatchback it just wasn’t suitable for what I needed.

So I started putting the feelers out for a different car, a very good friend of mine Ben Byrne sent me a link on Facebook of a VW golf mk3 estate local to me. That was it, I decided I wanted to have a look so off I went, after getting a lift, had a look at it and took it for a test drive and decided to buy it and returned with it and started to plan how I wanted it to look.

It wasn’t all good news though, after doing nearly everything I wanted to be done, I decided to sort the bodywork out and get it to show car condition, but used daily. That’s when we found out the floor was rotting and needed welding.
So I sent it to a garage, which ended that shells life when we went out it in for a mot and it failed on structural integrity. The hunt began to find and buy another shell and luckily, an awesome bloke called Phil Penna had one without the engine in and I purchased at a fair price. I sent the car to the welding guru Rob Appleby to sort the sills out, then it went off to the air wizard Harley Smith to refit the air ride.
After those two done what they had to do, the shell was sent to Dom Byrne for a full respray in blue and the engine bay went bright green. After he had worked his magic, I refitted the interior and other bits to it.
Hella dual headlights
Us front splitter
Lower and upper bumper air ducts
Red, black, red Hella rears
Rear Japanese numberplate tub

Airlift performance 3p air ride
Schmidt modern lines 16×7.5j et20
Volk rays 16x8j and 16x9j 3 piece splits

Rear vr6 leather seats
Half leather half cloth front seats
Custom stainless steel gear knob from lathe cave
Pioneer head unit
Custom floor mats
Black headliner
Black ABC pillars
Black load liner
Black leather load cover
Black grab handles in the rear
Black sunglasses holder front

So after 18 month’s being off the road, I now drive her everywhere and anywhere daily and have attended a couple of shows and got mixed reactions.
Got to say a big thank you to my girlfriend Charlotte for putting up with it, Ben Byrne For finding the first golf, Rob Appleby for being a welding guru and being there when things go wrong, Harley Smith for fitting the air ride, Dom Byrne for the paintwork, Duncan Russell for sorting bits out and to anyone else who have helped out.

We hope you loved seeing and reading about this awesome wagon. If you have a cool motor, old or new, get in touch with us to be featured here too. We also have Facebook and Instagram so you can catch us there too.
If you love your MK3, be sure to join up on our UKMK3s Facebook group too.
Peace out VW fans

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The Golf MK3. The new era of special editions.

It’s 1991. Time for a change.

So, the MK3 Golf, considered by few, as really nothing special, it’s usually the purists or lovers of the more modern vehicles that don’t feel it deserves the respect that it gets, but here, we love them. A lot. They have a certain style, a character that’s indescribable, only MK3 owners know what we mean.

So, as the successor to the ever popular MK2, (which managed to sell well over 10 million cars), VW knew they had to make this 3rd generation bigger and better, but how? Well, with a few firsts for the company, including new technologies, new engines, body styles and models with added special features and designations.

Over its production period, VW released the MK3 in a number of different guises, from the entry level Ryder, with steel wheels and standard interior, up to the VR6 Highline, which boasted the first 6 cylinder engine to be seen in a Golf, and a plush, leather-clad interior, furnished with special wood covered steering wheels and gear knobs.

Carrying on with the theme of special editions, VW released 3 models as part of its sponsorship of 3 European tours of the famous rock bands, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones and Bon Jovi. Each of the variations of these editions received Stickers of the band names on the rear quarters and tailgate, along with a snazzy interior with the band names stitched into the headrests.

To go with these editions, VW commissioned a range of merchandise, such as t-shirts, pens, models and keyrings.


Later on, in 1996, came the Colour Concept. Available in Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Black. Furnished with comfy Recaro seats with body coloured centre panels, door cards and gear knob and gaitor, with a leather steering wheel and silver faced dials. These models certainly did stand out from the crowd.

As a celebration of 2o years of the VW GTI, VW made 1,000 of the 20th Anniversary model. Featuring red/black chequered Recaro pews, red seatbelts, and red stitching and accents throughout. It came fitted with 16″ spit BBS wheels too for that extra bit of exclusivity. Nowadays they are sought after, but due to the low numbers made (600 8v, and 150 16v models) they are increasingly harder to come by. If you have one, look after it.

Also in 1996, and unfortunately only available in the US, VW made the Harlequin model. Now, if you’ve seen one, you will definitely remember it. These special cars came in a multicoloured hue, consisting of Tornado Red, Ginster Yellow, Pistachio Green and Chagall Blue. There were 3 base versions, each with a different variation of the classic colours. Many consider this oddly painted GL 5 door the grail of MK3’s, while others look and think, why? One thing is for certain, we absolutely love them here.

Other variations of the MK3 include the Variant, the very first Golf estate car, which today is still very popular, and the MK3 panel van, based on the 3 door hatchback, and fitted with body panels instead of the side rear windows. The MK3 van is a rare thing nowadays and quite sought after among the fans of them. Do you have one? We would love to see it…

Over the course of the production span of the MK3, there were many, many different specs, styles and extras. Here we’ve shown you our favourites, do you own a special edition MK3? Do you have a high spec Highline? Or anything in between? We would love to see it, please get in touch if you’d like your car featured here in future.

Long Live the MK3.


Tell us all about your Golf MK3, Feature Your Ride here with us

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UKMK3’s at Ultimate Dubs

So, show season got off to a good start recently, with the first big show of the year, Ultimate Dubs.

It looked to be a great show, with some amazing builds, and vehicles showing up from all over the UK and Europe, with many clubs also turning up to rep their local guys with their club stands.

The most important one for us though, the club that we proudly sponsor, UKMK3s, they had a club stand inside one of the main halls, and one outside too, for maximum exposure, organised by Ben Kemp of UKMK3s.

The quality of cars on display for us was as always, top notch, with MK3’s of all colours and styles making the trip to show that mk3’s are very far from being forgotten about.

The indoor stand drew crowds all weekend, and proved very popular. Comprising of some fine mk3’s, including Ryan’s hydro’d estate, Jamie’s homage to the iconic Harlequin, and Luke’s smooth, minty green 3 door.

Pics : Strictly Come Stancing

The outdoor club stand had as much interest too, with prime placement outside the international centre, they got plenty of coverage throughout the day, with pics and reviews on social media.

Pics : Strictly Come Stancing and Ben @ UKMK3’s

Everyone had a brilliant day showing their MK3’s, we look forward to seeing more UKMK3s club stands at future shows.

MK3 <3

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Show Season 2018 Is Here!

Show season is back!


So it’s come back around again, the UK car show season is set to officially kick off with the first big show of the year, Ultimate Dubs 2018.

With every year that passes, the UK car scene grows bigger and more interesting all the time, with constant new builds, new cars, products, and people forever pushing the boundaries of car modification, expressing their ideas and personalities through amazing vehicles.

For a number of years now, we have been the sponsor of the biggest UK club for the MK3 Golf – UKMK3s, and for the past few years UKMK3s have attended Ultimate Dubs, in the form of club stands, indoor, and outdoor. All to try and grow the club, and so a selection of the members can show off their MK3’s that they have proudly restored/rebuilt in the season opener.

This year is no exception, the club has organised another indoor and outdoor club stand, the word was put out, and a number of applicants come forward for the chance to show their MK3, and rep for their club.

So, if you’re at the show, make sure to stop by the UKMK3s stands and admire the MK3s, say Hi, they’re friendly, I promise :-D

So, until we get some pictures from this years show, here’s a few from a past UD, hope you enjoy.


Picture credit : Si Jelf Photography

Facebook & Instagram :


VW Parts International




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Air Suspension vs. Mother Nature

frozen Lupo

Air Suspension vs. Mother Nature

So, we’re not sure if you’ve noticed or not, but the weather in the UK has taken quite a cold turn in the last few days. News channels and social media have been covered in pictures and videos of everyone’s experiences, and it doesn’t resemble March out there at all!

rocco in winter

What I’ve seen a lot of recently, is cars with air ride suspension suffering from frozen components, rendering the car pretty much un-driveable, this is due to moisture in the air lines and components freezing, stopping them from working properly, or at all.

The best advice we can give you is


If you do, and you come to realise that in the morning, your lines are frozen, you will have to thaw the system out before using it, potentially leaving you stranded or late for work etc.

There is another option I’ve heard of but would only recommend this as a last resort, a DIY hack, it involves putting a very small amount of Methanol (HGV brake line anti-freeze) into your tank, this will help defrost lines/components, just don’t make a habit of doing it, if you do have to use Methanol then just make sure you empty your water trap and drain the tank afterwards.  (beware it could invalidate warranty so stay aired up if concerned)

frozen Lupo

So, the best option, from personal experience too, is just don’t air out the system overnight, leave it at a sensible drive height. That way, if anything does freeze, you can still drive the car and you wont be stranded.

We hope the weather isn’t too bad where you are, but, if you are snowed in, what better excuse is there to keep warm, and order some nice new parts to cheer you up!

Website :

Instagram : @vwpartsinternational 

Pic credit: @benhiggins94 on Instagram for the snowy Rocco

@nicolajoy_lupo on Instagram for the Icy Lupo

Let us know how your doing with your Air Ride and the snow :)  comment below

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Camber – More or Less?

VW Golf MK1 Powerflex Camber Adjustable Bolts - More camber or less

Camber – More or Less?

Previously we have discussed caster changes and the effect on vehicle dynamics.

This week we look at camber, possibly the more popular geometry to alter.

Put simply, negative camber is most popular on modern cars and is where the bottom of the wheel is further “out” than the top looking from ahead and compared in the vertical plane

VW Golf MK1 Powerflex Camber Adjustable Bolts - More camber or less

.Older race cars ran positive camber to reduce steering effort and due to their narrow tyres it did not have the effect that it would on cars with modern wider tyres. Whilst we can think of no reason for needing positive camber now, reducing negative camber can be very important.

Old Race Car - More camber or less

The Powerflex range of suspension bushes offer a number of parts to allow camber to be modified on suspension systems where no modification is possible, and it is not always about increasing camber.

Increasing negative camber may be beneficial to improve front end grip and turn-in on a track biased car.

However it is not always about performance. Camber adjustment can be needed to correct an imbalance from side to side to reduce tyre wear, and lowering a vehicle can increase negative camber to the point of increasing tyre wear.

Powerflex manufactures a huge range of parts for many different cars that allow camber adjustment or correction.


From camber bolts that allow adjustment on fixed McPherson strut suspension, to clever on-car fully adjustable camber bushes.

VW Golf MK7 R GTI GTD TSI TDI Powerflex Camber Adjustable Front Wishbone Control Arm Front Bushes PFF85-501G

Don’t forget the handy little magnetic camber gauge by Powerflex, great for checking your camber during installation and getting the perfect setup.

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Browse the full range of Powerflex Suspension Bushes in the shop here > Powerflex Suspension Bushes

Powerflex Camber Bolts

Powerflex Adjusting Camber Bolts

Powerflex Fully Adjustable Camber Bushes

Powerflex Poweralign Magnetic Camber Adjust Gauge