Powerflex Caster Bushes for control arms wishbones

Powerflex Front Wishbone Rear Bushes PFF85-502G Anti Lift and Camber Adjust
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Caster – What is it? – Pretty much always positive on normal cars, it is the pivot angle described by the front suspension.

The tyre contact point is behind the theoretic pivot point. Like the contact point of a shopping trolley caster wheel is behind the pivot point.

What does it do? – Positive caster gives straight line steering stability and causes a self-centring action to the steering.

By increasing the caster on a road car we can improve the stability and improve cornering grip due to a further effect on most cars of the caster increasing the dynamic camber during cornering.

This is why we offer geometry adjusting bushes which increase caster by modest amounts.

The PFF85-502G includes an offset mounting bracket to increase caster by 1°. Fitting a huge range of VAG models it is one of our best selling parts. We would recommend these PFF85-501G with your new suspension kit for added performance.

These two part numbers fit literally hundreds of different models across the VAG platform.

Check out the comparison of the stock OE part versus Powerflex’s part.

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 Powerflex Caster Bushes for control arm wishbone with Anti Lift & Offset