Obd Portector – STOP Keyless Thefts Now

Introducing obd Portector – The Advanced OBD Port Protection – STOP Keyless Thefts Now

Car Crime has always been a big problem and with the car industry putting more & more money into security than ever before the criminals have got smarter, with the main target for car thefts these days being keyless entry cars. Advanced yet simple technology allows these thieves to drive off in your pride & joy most of the time without notice or trace of them being there.

With This Thatcham Approved obd Portector, keyless thefts will become a thing of the past.
Cheaper & Less Secure Plastic ‘Locks’ are available but this works differently, This Clever yet simple design works by electronically locking the OBD Port so that a thief would not be able to disable your alarm and modify your vehicles data using the OBD port which is how most keyless thefts occur.

Keep Your Ride Locked Down & Ensure It Remains Where You Left It.
Don’t become another victim to this horrid crime that is happening in a street near you.

Works with all models that have obd.

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