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Remembering The Queen

Remembering The Queen, the courage and strength given to all.

As Queen Elizabeth II crosses that bridge and meets back up with the Duke. We would like to look back on something special to us, close to our hearts.

The only i20n on the planet with Milltek Carbon Fibre Quad Exhaust Tips

We have always been open to helping everyone, not only Volkswagen or Audi owners, we help people who own all sorts of models, mks and brands of vehicles. One of our first customers, not only owned a Volkswagen but other cars too and asked for our help as they loved the service, likewise we recall […]

David’s Volkswagen Golf MK5 GTI Engine upgrade to Audi TTS TFSI

What a dream build. David’s Volkswagen Golf MK5 GTI Engine upgrade to Audi TTS TFSI So where do we start, browsing for parts near midnight, David messaged us as he was after an Oil Filter, supplied us all the info and we had him the link back within the hour, fast as that, posted out […]

Handle With Care Someones Dreams Are Inside. Your Dreams Are Inside.

Because we Understand the importance. Your Dreams Are Inside. Fragile tape is so common, does anyone really take notice? Not always... Further, we understand and get it, a part can be the make or break, of completing your dream car build. So we commissioned our own and very personal fragile labels, to relay just how [...]

The Golf MK3. The new era of special editions.

It’s 1991. Time for a change. So, the MK3 Golf, considered by few, as really nothing special, it’s usually the purists or lovers of the more modern vehicles that don’t feel it deserves the respect that it gets, but here, we love them. A lot. They have a certain style, a character that’s indescribable, only MK3 […]

Richards VR6 Vento, from Hungary with love

A labour of love Now, it’s no secret that here at VWPI we do love a mk3, whatever the variation, hatch, estate or saloon. But this Vento came to my attention again recently, what first took my eye was the colour, I knew it wasn’t a factory MK3 hue, but it looked right at home on […]

One cool MK3 wagon

The second time’s the charm… An awesome “started from the bottom” story from Trem, in his own words. We love this wagon, enjoy. B.Sword_Photography I got sucked into cars from a young age with my dad having ford Cortinas and Granada’s, but have always loved the ones that stood out from the crowd or don’t […]