VW Scirocco RacingLine VWR Streetsport Coilover Kit Genuine Volkswagen Racing Parts


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VW Scirocco RacingLine Volkswagen Racing Streetsport Coilovers

Height Adjustable Coilovers

Fits the following Model Options;

Option 1. 2.0TDI

Option 2. 2.0TSI

Option 3. 2.0TFSI ‘R’ Only

With a choice of Optional Upgrades;

1. Linear Spring Upgrade or

2. Linear Spring Upgrade + Front Adjustable Top Mounts – (Front Adjustable Top Mounts Are Only for use with Linear Spring)


Volkswagen Racing Streetsport Coilovers

Since the launch of the Golf 5 in 2005, Volkswagen Racing has spent years developing suspension kits suited for vehicles competing in the Volkswagen Racing Cup and is pleased to announce a suspension line designed for street and track enthusiasts the world over. Volkswagen Racing’s StreetSport suspensions are offered in two forms, both fixed and adjustable damping, and are completely upgradeable with direct fit camber plates and track specific linear springs

Many suspension kits are designed to either ascetically lower the vehicle or deliver a harsh driving experience which many mistake for performance. Too often these systems use standard off the shelf components with little to any real world R&D. For 12 months, Volkswagen Racing developed a coilover system specifically for your VAG platform with valving, spring types and spring rates designed for the comfort of daily driving with the handling and control necessary for spirited driving on and off the track.

Linear Spring Upgrade:

Volkswagen Racing springs are delicately selected per each vehicle chassis’ design and weight. Volkswagen Racing springs are power-coated blue with Volkswagen Racing Logos etched in and come standard as progressive springs. Progressive springs offer a comfortable daily driving experience on the street and offer excellent control over the bumps and sudden elevation changes seen on streets around the world.

For the track minded enthusiast, a full linear front and rear spring is available. Linear springs offer superior control on the track over progressive springs but do so at the cost of comfort on the street. These springs are designed to directly swap onto your StreetSport or StreetSport Plus suspension and are an excellent upgrade for anyone who frequents the track. Many Volkswagen Racing customers simply swap to the linear springs for a track day even and then back to the progressive springs when on the street.

Adjustable Top Mounts:

Both Volkswagen Racing Suspension Systems are fully compatible with Volkswagen Racing Camber Plates. Unlike many camber plates available on the market, these plates are a direct swap that require no cutting and are completely reversible back to stock. The Volkswagen Racing Camber Plates offer several degrees of camber adjustment allowing the track minded customer to dial in the suspension even further without breaking the bank. Upgrading camber plates will always increase noise to some degree, therefor are offered as an option for the spirited driver looking to maximize his or her experience with the ultimate in performance. At this time, camber plates are only available for those with the upgraded Linear Springs.


This part is custom ordered from Volkswagen Racing Dispatch time is 1-5 days from the point of order but may be longer during production time.

If you want even more adjustability, check out the VWR Streetsport Coilover +’Plus Range.

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