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Brand New 100% Genuine Racingline Part, the best there is designed for track, built for road.

Race Designed & Developed, Made by Racingline Performance, best known for delivering the Volkswagen Racing motorsport programme since 1997, out of which was born the increasingly popular Motorsport & Performance Parts range, with all Race parts heavily Race designed, developed & tested, treat your pride and joy to the best there is with Racingline Performance Parts.

The VWR StreetSport PLUS Monotube Adjustable Coilover Kit offers the highest quality, 12-point adjustable high performance sports suspension system for fast road and track use, adjusted without tools or the need to jack the car up.

Taking all the development know-how from VWR race engineers, StreetSport PLUS Monotube suspension kit will suit the enthusiastic driver who wants to be able to tailor their car to their tastes with beautifully taut, controlled handling that feels like the best thoroughbred German sports cars.

The VWR StreetSport PLUS Monotube set up allows full adjustment of ride height from subtly lowered right down to ground-scraping show cars.

Taking all of VWR’s knowledge and experience of motorsport and high-performance dampers and suspension set-up, the StreetSport PLUS suspension system is unique in offering a Monotube construction damper at this price level with the sort of quality, detailing and refinement that few ‘aftermarket’ suspension products can offer.

A high quality, motorsport orientated Monotube coilover suspension system employing a sophisticated deflected-disc valve system inside the dampers for optimum wheel-control.

A single, easily-reached adjuster on each damper varies the bump and rebound settings through 12 heavy clicks front and rear to suit your preferences and usages.

Full adjustment of ride height, using a simple threaded spring perch on the threaded body of the damper whilst keeping the same spring length wherever you set it to preserve ride and wheel-travel.

Highest quality materials and construction bring motorsport-inspired Monotube construction to this price-point for the first time.

Adjust your dampers by hand without even jacking the car up, with no tools needed.  Don’t choose adjustable coilovers without making sure you can do that!

Further upgrade your VWR StreetSport PLUS Kit at any time in the future with Linear Springs, Adjustable Top Mounts and Adjustable Drop Links.

  • The VWR StreetSport PLUS Monotube Coilover suspension system has adjustable damping rates – a single easily-reached adjuster varies the bump and rebound settings of the damper through 12 settings front and rear to suit your preferences and usages. Stiffen the damping when you get on-track, then soften it off again for daily driving. It’s as easy as that.
  • Through extensive testing of spring and damping rates, the VWR StreetSport PLUS Kit offers a tauter set up than the standard car in its ‘middle’ settings, before the adjustability allows you to then choose either tighter or softer settings either side of that to tailor the car’s suspension.
  • The comfort is exceptional – in fact, it is the beautiful, taut ride quality that most customers are most impressed by when they try the VWR StreetSport PLUS Monotube Kit.
  • The VWR StreetSport PLUS kit is aimed at fast road and track day use, yet has been developed carefully to ensure that the comfort is not sacrificed
  • VWR StreetSport PLUS kit is European-made alongside full-race damper kits from strong, durable stainless steel powder-coated in satin black for durability, using a 22mm shaft and anodised aluminium spring seats.
  • Many experts consider suspension development to be as much an art as a science.  In truth, it’s a bit of both.  What is certain is that an ‘off the shelf’ coilover damper and spring set that some companies offer is not going to be optimised for any particular car.   Put simply, the VWR StreetSport PLUS kit is.
  • The Monotube dampers are a unique feature at this price-point: Monotube allows much larger pistons than those of twin-tube dampers (used on cheaper offerings). The larger Monotube piston creates more flow through the valves as it can displace more oil; thus making it more sensitive to small suspension movements, and able to provide consistent damping performance under the harshest conditions (such as track use).
  • How is this achieved?  All of VWR testing is done using high-cost multi-way adjustable dampers and multiple spring combinations (including lengths, rates and winding design).  Only once they have finished their set up do they then ‘lock’ the settings.  The profiles of these development dampers are then fully measured on VWR’s damper dyno, and the results replicated exactly into the valving of the StreetSport PLUS dampers as the ‘central point’ of the adjustment range.
  • As you can appreciate from all of this development work, it’s certainly not down to luck that the StreetSport PLUS kit allows such a comfortable daily driving experience on the road yet still offers excellent wheel control when driven hard and over the bumps.
  • Versions of the StreetSport PLUS suspension kits are only available for cars with the independent rear suspension, not for twist-beam. Compatible with front and four-wheel drive chassis.
  • This kit is compatible with cars fitted with Volkswagen Group’s switchable ACC suspension – although it’s important to be clear that the dampers loose the switchability of the standard dampers, and an additional electronic box is required at extra cost to avoid fault codes in the car.

Fits: VW Golf MK7 R With Independent Rear Suspension Only

If you haven’t yet given your Golf the VWR/Racingline treatment, don’t delay, get the best there is!

VW Racing Golf MK7

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Weight65 lbs


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Item Compatibility List

Car MakeModelCars YearVariantBodyStyleCars TypeEngine Notes
VWGolf2013MK VII [2012-2016]Hatchback2.0 R 4motion1984ccm 280HP 206KW (Petrol)
VWGolf2013MK VII [2012-2016]Hatchback2.0 R 4motion1984ccm 300HP 221KW (Petrol)
VWGolf2014MK VII [2012-2016]Hatchback2.0 R 4motion1984ccm 280HP 206KW (Petrol)
VWGolf2014MK VII [2012-2016]Hatchback2.0 R 4motion1984ccm 300HP 221KW (Petrol)
VWGolf2015MK VII [2012-2016]Estate2.0 R 4motion1984ccm 280HP 206KW (Petrol)
VWGolf2015MK VII [2012-2016]Estate2.0 R 4motion1984ccm 300HP 221KW (Petrol)
VWGolf2015MK VII [2012-2016]Hatchback2.0 R 4motion1984ccm 280HP 206KW (Petrol)
VWGolf2015MK VII [2012-2016]Hatchback2.0 R 4motion1984ccm 300HP 221KW (Petrol)
VWGolf2016MK VII [2012-2016]Estate2.0 R 4motion1984ccm 280HP 206KW (Petrol)
VWGolf2016MK VII [2012-2016]Estate2.0 R 4motion1984ccm 300HP 221KW (Petrol)
VWGolf2016MK VII [2012-2016]Hatchback2.0 R 4motion1984ccm 280HP 206KW (Petrol)
VWGolf2016MK VII [2012-2016]Hatchback2.0 R 4motion1984ccm 300HP 221KW (Petrol)


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