VW Golf MK5 R32 4motion Rear Anti Roll Bar RacingLine/VWR 4WD Only Volkswagen Racing


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VW Golf MK5 R32 4motion Rear Anti Roll Bar RacingLine/VWR 4WD Only Volkswagen Racing

RacingLine/VWR Uprated Hollow Adjustable Rear Anti-Roll Bar

Brand New 100% Genuine RacingLine/VWR Part, the best there is designed for the track, built for the road.

Light Weight Hollow Construction – 3 Way Adjustable – Improved Grip & Handling

Race Designed & Developed, Made by RacingLine/VWR Performance, best known for delivering the Volkswagen Racing motorsport programme since 1997, out of which was born the increasingly popular Motorsport & Performance Parts range, with all Race parts heavily Race designed, developed & tested, treat your pride and joy to the best there is with RacingLine/VWR Performance Parts.

VW Racing Anti Roll Bar

The RacingLine/VWR Anti Roll Bars have been developed through the RacingLine/VWR race programme to increase the roll stiffness on Golf 5/6, plus other VAG A5 platform cars.

This is simply the best-uprated anti-roll bar on the market, featuring lightweight hollow construction, 3-point adjustment and ease of fitting.

Uprated anti-roll bars are one of the most effective ways of improving not only the handling of a car but also outright grip levels. Fitment limits roll in corners whilst still retaining suspension travel and maintaining a good ride.

  • Whether your car is completely standard or fully race prepared, the Anti-Roll Bars will stiffen up the cornering response characteristics of the car significantly.
  • As they only have an effect in roll, they don’t stiffen the ride quality in the way that stiff springs do – improved responses without compromise.
  • The resulting increased stiffness of your car’s chassis under cornering loads will noticeably improve corner speeds, and give enough adjustment opportunities to affect your handling balance and reduce understeer.
  • We recommend the fitment of a pair to ensure that the handling of the front and rear ends of the car stays consistent.

Three stiffness settings, which equate to road use in the softer position, and track use in the stiffer position with the central adjusting holes representing a fast-road setting. Allowing you to tailor your car more precisely than ever to your needs – from road use up to full race.

Unique hollow construction greatly reduces the weight of the bar.

Exactly as used on RacingLine/VWR race cars, with no compromise for the road.

Diameter: 23mm
Adjustment holes: 3

Our Anti-Roll Bars are fully compatible with cars fitted with switchable ACC dampers.

Fits: VW Golf MK5 R32 & 4motion Models / 4WD Only

If you haven’t yet given your Seat the RacingLine/VWR treatment, don’t delay, get the best there is!

VW Racing Golf MK7

Fits: VW Golf MK5 R32 & 4motion Models / 4WD Only

This part is custom ordered per sale from Volkswagen Racing
Dispatch time is 1-3 days from the point of order
See the shop for 1000s more Performance & more Performance RacingLine/VWR Parts

Additional information

Weight20 lbs

Manufacturer Part Number


4WD Models Only


Item Compatibility List

Car MakeModelCars YearVariantBodyStyleCars TypeEngine Notes
VWGolf2005MK V [2003-2009] HatchbackHatchback3.2 R32 4motion3189ccm 250HP 184KW (Petrol)
VWGolf2006MK V [2003-2009] HatchbackHatchback3.2 R32 4motion3189ccm 250HP 184KW (Petrol)
VWGolf2007MK V [2003-2009] HatchbackHatchback3.2 R32 4motion3189ccm 250HP 184KW (Petrol)
VWGolf2008MK V [2003-2009] HatchbackHatchback3.2 R32 4motion3189ccm 250HP 184KW (Petrol)


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