LITE↯BLOX High Performance Battery 12.5AH Lightweight Motorsport Spec LB20XX Gen4 for VW Audi Skoda Seat


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LITE↯BLOX High Performance Battery 12.5AH Lightweight Motorsport Spec LB20XX Gen4 for VW Audi Skoda Seat

Brand New 100% Genuine LITEBLOX Motorsport Battery LB20xx formerly LB19XX

Introducing LITEBLOX High-Performance LiFePO4 Lightweight Battery

The most innovative lightweight LiFePO4 battery for performance cars, racing & motorsport

LITEBLOX starter batteries are using latest LiFePO4 storage technology, implemented in extremely light packs with high energy density and outstanding reliability.

Each battery is totally hand-finished into a stunning carbon fibre shell – Handmade in Germany.

LITEBLOX batteries are suitable to be powered by conventional alternators and replace your standard starter battery as a plug ‘n’ play solution with less volume and weight for various applications in motorsport & performance cars:
LITEBLOX batteries are so safe, they can be used inside the car and are approved for motorsport applications worldwide.

VW Audi Skoda Seat LITEBLOX High Performance Battery 7.5AH Lightweight Motorsport Spec LB13XX Gen 4


  • Weight: 20XXg / 4.2lbs (excl. pole terminals)
  • Dimensions: 149 x 123 x 100mm (l x b x h)
  • Voltage: 13,2V / 15,2V (nom / max)
  • Capacity: 12.5Ah / 38Ah (nom / Pb-eq)
  • Cranking current: 600A / 750A (10s pulse / peak @ RT)
  • Temperature: -20 to +80°C
  • Life Cycle: 20000 (100% D.O.D. at 1C until 65% capacity)*
  • Life span: up to 10 years (depending on usage, setup, peripheral, etc)
  • Usage: Motorsport products
  • connection: OEM clamp onto the battery poles (DIN) or via ring terminal (M6)
  • Certificates: product complies with directives 2001/95/EG 2011/65/EU 2006/66/EG
  • Comes with: LITEBLOX LB20XX + pole caps + mounting material + promo + manual.


  • 4-8 cylinder engines (2500-4000 ccm)
  • Daily driven car use with restrictions (vehicle parking periods 3-5 weeks)
  • Sportscar / track tool / motorsport (race track circuit / 24h race / endurance / drag racing / formula F3 / NASCAR) / tuning / Car-Hifi / boats
  • For the use in applications with intelligent battery management (IBS / IAC) ECU/Battery programming will be required
  • For the use in applications with regenerative brake system (“KERS”) use our model LB28XX only

You can find installation & maintenance instructions here

You can find the GEN4 instruction manual here

Most likely the lightest car battery in the world

Consistently engineered as a starter battery for combustion engines on the principle “quality over quantity”, The lightweight LiteBlox batteries offer decisive advantages over common competitor products:

  • Weight saving of 13-25 kg, compared to standard lead-acid batteries (usual invest: 1000 Eur per 10 kg in motorsports)
  • Plug’n’play substitution for the standard (OEM) car battery
  • Wireless interface for wireless data monitoring via the smartphone app
  • maintenance-free due to intelligent power-electronics with for misuse and overload by:
    over-/undervoltage, over-/undertemperature, over/-undercurrent & short circuit
  • Innovative & smart electronics for kill-switch via Smartphone App in two different programs:
    1.) I.K.O.S. – Intelligent Kill-Off-Switch:
    effective disconnection of the LITE↯BLOX from the vehicle due to overload or via Smartphone (emergency or extended sitting periods), similar to the common FIA kill-off switch
    2.) A.V.A.T. – Active Vehicle Anti Theft:
    while all consumers are still being provided with energy, the LITE↯BLOX will instantly shut down at any theft attempt
  • Latest premium cell technology (A123 ANR26650M1B V3)
  • Rapid charging (optimal für Start-Stopp)
  • Marginally self-drain when not in use (sitting time >200days)
  • Fail-safe due to the innovative concept and premium materials
  • DMSB homologated (Lithium Ion battery RLB2016-27/17)
  • Tested in professional motorsport

Our LITE↯BLOX GEN4 models are equipped with a wireless interface to monitor your battery status via a smartphone app which enables the use of 2 main features:

You can download the Official LiteBlox Smartphone App here:

iOS Download

Android Download

Features of the premium LiFePO4 cells in LiteBlox batteries

  • Maximum safety
  • Enhanced capacity & performance
  • Best cold cranking performance
  • High current cells with extended power & lifespan

LITEBLOX – Revolutionary Starter Battery:


  • Replaces the standard battery plug’n’play
  • Three performance versions available
  • Works with standard alternators
  • Mountable in any position
  • Usage for various applications on ground, water & sky


  • More performance by less weight
  • Versatile with integrated mounting bracket
  • Maintenance-free through intelligent electronics
  • Integrated diagnostics
  • Tested in professional motorsports


  • Safe LiFePO4 technique, no fire hazard
  • Housing thermally & mechanically decoupled
  • Housing works like a safety tank
  • Acoustic deep charge/overcharge protection
  • Thermal cutoff fuse


  • 3-5x Longer lifespan than lead-acid batteries
  • Reusable housing
  • High recyclable cells
  • Acid & heavy metal free
  • Saving weight = saving materials & resources

Get the best battery there is! Get LITEBLOX Today!

Included is a Brand New LITEBLOX Battery LB20XX GEN4 suitable for all 4-8 cylinder cars

NOTE: For vehicles with intelligent alternator control (IBS/IAC), ECU programming is required

Got a question? just send us a message and we’ll be happy to help

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Weight4.6 lbs

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