LITE↯BLOX Universal Pair of Battery Terminal Adapter Clamps


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LITE↯BLOX Universal Pair of Battery Terminal Adapter Clamps

Brand New 100% Genuine LITEBLOX Motorsport Battery Clamps

Universal battery terminals posts, fitting LITE↯BLOX models & various other battery models with SAE terminals (Lead-Acid, AGM, LFP, LiFePO4…)

  • 1x terminal ring-cable via M8
  • 2x terminal 10m² via inbus
  • material: brass (silver coated)
  • weight: 189g/set
  • delivery scope: one pair (+/-) of terminal posts incl. protective caps

LITE↯BLOX Universal Pair of Battery Terminal Adapter Clamps.4


You can download the Official LiteBlox Smartphone App here:

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Features of the premium LiFePO4 cells in LiteBlox batteries

  • Maximum safety
  • Enhanced capacity & performance
  • Best cold-cranking performance
  • High current cells with extended power & lifespan


  • Replaces the standard battery Plug’n’Play
  • Works with standard alternators
  • Mountable in any position
  • Usage for various applications on ground, water & sky


  • More performance by less weight
  • Versatile with integrated mounting bracket
  • Maintenance-free through intelligent electronics
  • Integrated diagnostics
  • Tested in professional motorsports


  • Safe LiFePO4 technique, no fire hazard
  • Housing thermally & mechanically decoupled
  • Housing works as a safety tank
  • Acoustic deep charge/overcharge protection
  • Thermal cutoff fuse


  • 3-5x Longer lifespan than lead-acid batteries
  • Reusable housing
  • High recyclable cells
  • Acid & heavy metal-free
  • Saving weight = saving materials & resources

Get the best battery there is! Get LITEBLOX Today!

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Weight2 lbs

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