Volkswagen Classic Parts Lanyard New Genuine OEM Part Gift VW Golf MK2 MK3 MK4 MK5 MK6 MK7 Polo Lupo NOS NLA Parts

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Volkswagen Classic Parts Lanyard New Genuine OEM Part Gift VW Golf MK2 MK3 MK4 MK5 MK6 MK7 Polo Lupo NOS NLA Parts

Brand New Genuine OEM VW Accessory

Genuine Volkswagen Classic Parts Accessory! (Volkswagen’s own brand)

Includes 1x Volkswagen Classic Parts Lanyard

This is a great accessory or perfect gift for any Volkswagen owner or enthusiast.

About the Volkswagen Classic Parts brand, that we are proud to work with, proud to stock the parts, proud to commit to Genuine Volkswagen parts going back into production.

When parts are ‘no longer available’ from the regular dealership, you may find we have some New Old Stock, this is because we work closely with Volkswagen, to ensure any NLA status parts are rounded up from around the world and made available again.

Once those parts are exhausted, again we work closely with Volkswagen, by committing to the reproduction of parts under the Volkswagen Classic Parts brand.  A Classic part is most often using the original manufacturers and/or tooling, making them as good as the original and thus any Volkswagen reproduction parts are detailed, here in our shop, as Volkswagen reproduction parts but also as Genuine OEM Parts.  We clearly define Genuine OEM parts and any aftermarket parts, which are sometimes introduced into our range when and only if the original manufacturer or tooling is no longer in operation and therefore offered as an approved VW equivalent.



About us at VWPI, an Independent Volkswagen Parts Dealer.

You can call us your specialist parts dealer, because OEM parts is what we do day in, day out, mostly Volkswagen parts but all brands under the VW/Audi Group, such as Seat and Skoda.  We help when dealerships do not or when parts are NLA.  Nigh on 7 days a week, 365 days a year, since 2012 we have your back.

We also stock some aftermarket and performance parts, you’ll note we have labeled those parts as aftermarket, or High Quality or their respective brand, but all too often some aftermarket parts in the general market do not meet the high quality of specifications and longevity originally demanded or may for some batches and not for others, and we as many of you, often prefer Genuine OEM parts because ‘purists’ and OEM and we’ll continue to commit and invest in productions being restarted again as long as you continue to demand the parts.

We love OEM parts, as should now be clear, our aim is to help you maintain and even restore your Volkswagen for years to come, browse our shop for 1000s of parts, or let us know if there is a mission critical part or an accessory that you’d really like or need, we will do our best to help find the part and ship it to you. We serve customers all around the world from the busiest of cities to the remotest of regions and often where no other help is on hand.

See our shop for 1000s more Genuine OEM & Performance Parts

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