Audi RS4 B8 4.2 V8 Tarox Grande Sport Front Big Brake Kit 390mm 2 Piece Discs with Pads


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Brand New Genuine Tarox Performance Brake Upgrade

Give your car the ultimate in high-performance big braking power, and striking looks, with a Tarox big brake kit.

A whole variety of TAROX Brake Kits are available to suit various applications and customer requirements, whether you’re after a subtle looking, yet high-performance upgrade over the OEM parts, or an eye-catching colourful big kit, to really back up the power of your vehicle.

Handmade In Italy

Each and every caliper is hand assembled after being machined from a solid aluminium billet, they are also designed for having more pistons, which in turn means better performance, with more clamping action resulting in better braking power.

OEM Fitment

Fitting a TAROX kit does not involve the replacement or the modification of other brake components (e.g. the master cylinder or servo) and does not interfere with electronic devices like the ABS or SBS. Certain Tarox brake kits are designed to fit behind the OEM wheels for the application of the user. If you still require fitting of a bigger caliper, or if you run aftermarket wheels, then you will need to check that there will be sufficient clearance from the back of the wheel/spokes to the caliper itself.

Superior Braking Power & Increased Safety

Tarox performance brake upgrades provide highly improved braking power across all aspects of driving, while still maintaining a firm, useable pedal feel. So whether you’re at a local track day, or just popping to the shops with the family, you can rest assured that Tarox brakes will perform as you need them to, every time.

Caliper Colour, Care And Maintenance

All TAROX big brake calipers come with grey or black hard anodising for maximum life. Colour anodised calipers can be specified and although glamorous looking, they demand more care and attention and do not deliver the same durability as the grey or black hard anodised calipers.
Extra care must be used when cleaning alloy wheels because some wheel cleaning products are acid based and may damage the caliper’s finish.
For best results always remove the wheel before cleaning, and use a non-acidic cleaner, this will prolong the anodised finish of your calipers to keep them looking good for as long as possible. Most colours are available on request at no extra cost.
All Tarox big brake calipers are designed to be used without the need to be periodically serviced, though if the need does arise to replace any parts, it is advised that only experienced professionals dismantle the calipers. Replacement components including O-ring fitted pistons can be ordered through us at VW Parts International.

Each Kit Features:

  • Hand assembled calipers machined from the highest quality billet alloy
  • Heat treated high carbon one piece discs in either F2000, Sport Japan or G88
  • Uprated brake pads
  • CNC machined alloy mounting brackets with bolts
  • Braided & coated brake lines to ensure a maximum fluid transition to the caliper, for a sharper, better feel to the brakes

We recommend all brake parts are fitted by a qualified mechanic to ensure the correct fitment.

See our shop for all Tarox products, plus 1000s more Genuine OEM & Performance VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda Parts

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Weight40 lbs

Manufacturer Part Number

Disc Thickness

Disc Diameter

Disc Type

Item Compatibility List

Car MakeModelCars YearVariantBodyStyleCars TypeEngine Notes
AudiA420128K5, B8 [2007-2015] EstateEstateRS4 quattro4163ccm 450HP 331KW (Petrol)
AudiA420138K5, B8 [2007-2015] EstateEstateRS4 quattro4163ccm 450HP 331KW (Petrol)
AudiA420148K5, B8 [2007-2015] EstateEstateRS4 quattro4163ccm 450HP 331KW (Petrol)
AudiA420158K5, B8 [2007-2015] EstateEstateRS4 quattro4163ccm 450HP 331KW (Petrol)

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