Milltek Sport GT100 Polished Tips Fitted to Golf MK4 R32 with Milltek Sport Cat Back Non Resonated

GT100 Polished Tips

The R32 with Milltek Sport Exhaust GT100 Tips, we are often asked how the cut is/looks, the GT100 tip follows the bumper almost right with it’s angle cut/slash, it is not cut straight like some may think.  While this R32 was on the ramp, we thought we’d grab a quick picture. System fitted several years ago now and although the underside is muddy and some corrosion on the clamps, the sound is unreal and the tips are nice and shiny.

While we are here and if you’re wondering about new tips, Milltek Sport Exhaust Tips will only fit with the vehicle specific Milltek Sport exhaust system that they are made for, something we often have to refuse customers over. They won’t fit oem so get a Milltek! or risk cutting and welding and faffing about.  So yes being it already had a Milltek, it would be a straight forward job, for this R32 the tips are still great. The pur, oh you got to love it the sound of the R32 with the Milltek Sport Non Resonated system!

We won’t waffle here as the detail is very well documented on the product pages, read more on the link

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