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LiteBlox Battery Charging Maintenance

LiteBlox Battery Charging Maintenance

LiteBlox Battery Charging Maintenance

LiteBlox Batteries require very little charging maintenance with every day use, for everyday use you can maintain or trickle charge now and then using lb100 if or when required. Certainly if the vechile is left unused as per the ‘standing time’ duration, the battery should be trickle charged to keep it at full capacity using lb100 as a minimum (larger batteries may require lb300).

How to charge, LiteBlox Battery Charging Maintenance.

Maintenance charging – charge using the LiteBlox lb100 Charger, assumes you have a connection with LiteBlox APP.

  1. Ensure to update the LiteBlox APP for the latest features and improvements.
  2. Site the battery and charger in safe working positions, do not place batteries on the direct floor, use some rubber or thick cardboard to insulate against the cold.
  3. Simply connect + – to the related poles.
  4. Plug in the power using a suitable adaptor if required.
  5. Turn on the charger.
  6. The charger will come on and off as needed.
  7. You can monitor charging state via the LiteBlox APP.

How to charge your LiteBlox Battery from a discharged state.

Leaving the battery longer than the standing time with no use and no charge, can cause discharge of the LiteBlox battery, all batteries will discharge overtime with no use or maintenance. If this happens Do not panic, with the careful and attentive support from us and LiteBlox, an application of a particular voltage/wattage can be advised, only by us or LiteBlox support, this can help to wake up and charge the battery again.

We recommend from experience the LiteBlox lb300 Charger, as it has the capacity and better intelligence to instantly awaken a discharged or flat battery without trying various voltages, the lb300 is so smart, it just does the job.

Charging from a discharged and or non responsive state.

  1. First, update the LiteBlox APP and ensure you have the Passwort/password to hand as that will be required.
  2. Navigate to your smartphone bluetooth settings, decouple or forget this item.
  3. Now connect the + – to their respective poles on the LiteBlox battery and plug in using a suitable adaptor if required.
  4. Turn the power on.
  5. The lb300 will immediately start to charge and apply voltage.
  6. After a few minutes, open the LiteBlox APP, scan, now enter the passwort/password as requested.
  7. The App should now open and you will see the state of play.
  8. After a some time, charging will be complete and you can also reset any errors.
  9. Logs can also be sent to LiteBlox if you feel there is a problem.
  10. Monitor charging and do not leave unattended unless all is ok.

For future and to recap.  LiteBlox Battery Charging Maintenance is important. Do Not Let the LiteBlox battery become discharged, you can help it by keeping it maintained using any Liteblox charger such as the lb100 or lb300 during periods of little or no use, both are capable of maintaining the battery at a good state.

From our experience only the lb300 will easily awaken and charge a flat battery.

The above article is supplementary only and second only to the official guidance from Liteblox, written from our use and own experience, please refer back to the LiteBlox documentation if unsure or contact us if you have any questions.

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