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Rewind several years and it may have been logical to assume rust would be the final nail for many classic age vehicles if not restored, much like our much loved Volkswagen Golf MK3 GTI VR6 & Vento Jetta, and it’s preceding Volkswagen Golf MK4 like the iconic R32

It’s only a bit of rust, grind it back, repair it, restore it, hey even a few cables ties for some broken plastics, duck tape, we’ve all seen it. We’ll do what we can to keep them going.

But as the dawn of electric really starts to bite down (once again), how long will rust or a broken plastic be the main enemy to our much loved choice of transport.

But as the close of 2020 rolls in and all the upheaval of the year and one comes to realise it’s not just rust but electric, so while the motto,  ‘future requires tradition’ which comes directly from Volkswagen Wolfsburg; and in our view and our belief, the VW gods look down as we often refer and when we ask for help, those great people here in the present who recognised our mission back in 2012 and those watching down from past eras, also recognised you all, your passion, our passion, our want to help you, they heard the demand and continue to help ensure the older models survive, which has led to the resurrection and reproduction of NLA parts, like us, like you, we are continually committed to saving all of our pride and joy’s because it is understood, future requires tradition, our children or future family may just have the same love, the same passion and it is only right to preserve.

Today we are pleased to be able to provide you with new sills, fenders and various other essential OEM parts and the best aftermarket and performance parts we can find, and much like the older siblings the again iconic Volkswagen Golf MK1 & MK2, the younger Golf MK3 is holding it’s own and has carved a new name for itself with 100s if not close to 1000s of partially or fully restored vehicles out there, much loved and awaiting it’s status of true classic by age alone, in parts terms, they are already a classic, in Volkswagen’s eyes already a classic and we know your views are probably the same as ours!

But is restoring enough? Is the passion enough. Sure we can all meet to express the passion. (when allowed in 2020?) Is our combined sheer grit, determination and love for the models enough? Enough to battle the might of an evolving new industry…

We was just an enthusiast owner like you when we founded VWPI and we are still true to the original core aspirations of founding, we just want mint Volkswagens out there for all each and every owner to enjoy for years to come! (petrol/manual are more in demand, sorry diesel/auto lovers, but we will still back you, just ask! We’d drive an auto ourselves but we all have preference and that is what makes us all unique) but for some to gain the classic car status, like the Golf MK3, it deserves it and the Golf MK4 R32 and GTI Anniversary to follow, no doubt we could and will carry on through the mks where you the people demand!

Many a customer may recall our new Scirocco GTS back in 2013, and with the Scirocco no longer made, its time is already ticking parts wise. Even the latest petrol R models, one day soon potentially there won’t be any more made, will the likes of later cars like the Scirocco 08 on, the Golf MK7 R, Golf MK8 R, one day make it to be a classic or is the electric generation going to put an end to the rolling hope of many enthusiasts around the globe.

That is yet to be seen. No doubt with the electric ‘revolution’ looking to be coming like the steam train or engine evolution itself, we’re sure to have a battle to retain our vehicles and with the hindsight and knowledge that actually Volkswagen already done the Electric with the Golf MK3 CityStromer, and before that with the Transporter.

It should have already been evident that one day it would happen again when technology permitted, maybe we were blinded by obtaining parts and having fun. On the plus side the appreciation value of the older vehicles is keeping the hopes high, increasing demand and frankly keeping everyone busy during the 2020 non show stopping seasons, and far higher than many other makes/models achieve and as with the backing of a busy market, parts will continue and with parts there is some hope!

More than we had several years ago!

At least battling the rust and nature is now possible but also with many peoples/vehicles, that’s a lot of passion against the ‘silent’ new ones.

Maybe there will be a way. A way to have electric to help the planet and have some petrol for sheer passion, or perhaps both. We are pleased to say we have started to look at options with the planned arrival of a CityStromer to us.

Volkswagen enthusiasts make it what it is; you make it possible and will have to keep doing what you are doing, keep restoring and ultimately keep enjoying what you love and when the time comes, we’ll all pull together as always, for the future generations to likewise enjoy and not just in a museum but enjoy the open road with a petrol engine in a classic car, or maybe even diesel, hybrids, and dare we say car shows…. (they will come back we hope!), the community of people is always there and that is something electrics don’t yet have like the much matured Volkswagen community.

So now the motto hashtag comes into play. From us you can rest assured of the further bolstering with more resurrections of NLA parts as demanded by you, so keep demanding parts, keep restoring, keep enjoying.


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