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So, I think most of us have been in this situation before. We’ve lowered our car and we’ve added some classy wheels. It sits beautifully, holds the road and breaks the necks of onlookers. However after many mods, we start running a little low on ideas. We may start selling wheels to buy different ones, or trying our hand at some DIY projects like paint or wrap. Our cars look great, but we’re a little at a loss as to what the next big game changer should be. We’ve all been there at some point at least.

We get in the car, and suddenly it hits us. We’ve done very little to the interior, as our near sole-focus was to get the scene points up for the shows. But then spare a though as to what makes you look not once, but many times at a car at a show. Normally the owner has not only got his exterior game on point, but the interior is also on-fleek. Eureka we have found it! We need to start taking consideration to the inside of the car!

When you think about it, this also makes a lot of real world sense. You own the car, thus you drive it. You drive a car from the inside, so it makes sense to make that as pleasant for yourself as you can, whether it be in styling, in comfort, or both. With your car, there’s no point the world loving it if you’re less than comfortable sat in the driver’s seat. The foam after years of back sides touching the cloth will be sagged, the fabric may have wear marks, or have rips, tears or visible points where they’ve been stretched. You may have spilt a drink and have struggled long and hard to get the Jaegermeister out of the fabric. Don’t drink and drive ladies and gents!

The point being, You’re left with a less than desirable place to sit your behind when you go for a spin. You’re the owner and driver of the car, so why not reward yourself when you drive it with more comfortable, sporty and classy seats. After all, most of your money has already gone on rewarding the eyes of those who take the time to appreciate your car. It’s time to think about number one.

At VW Parts International we hold an extensive range of FK sports seats, in both reclining and fixed. Leather style your deal? We’ve got it. More of a suede style person? guess what, VW Parts International can help. More of a classic appearance your bag? How about good old fashioned fabric. We’ve got those too!

Whether you’re just looking to spruce up the interior with some classy reclining sports seats, or you’ve got a track car project and want some solid fixed buckets, we’ve got just what you’re looking for!

Just take a look, in stock we have pairs of seats ranging from £154.99 up to £299.99 depending on your chosen style or need. At the lower end, we have a pair of Basic Blue Fixed Racing Sport Seats for £154.99. If you’re looking for a more classy and street appearance, we stock a pair of beautiful Black/White Leather Style Reclining Sports Seats for £299.99. If you’re looking for somewhere in the middle, but still want the classy appearance, we have a lovely pair of Black/Grey Sports Recliner Seats in faux suede, priced at £199.99!

All seats on the website have a full chart showing all measurements, please look at this before purchasing a pair of seats to avoid disappointment!

The choice is yours, the options are many, the colours are extensive! Don’t miss out, check out our full range of FK sports seats or simply drop us a message.

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