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Golf MK3 Turret Caps Installed, Engine Bay Smartened up OEM style

Golf MK3 Turret Caps Installed A happy customer sent in this picture of his newly fitted Turret caps on his Golf MK3 GTI, a compliment to the rest of the engine bay and clear effort put in.   Want a set of turret caps for your own MK3? See the product link > If […]

VR6 Performance Ignition Coil Pack Set Up ‘in house’ coils Like MSD Coil Pack

VR6 ‘In House’ Coil Packs VR6 Performance Ignition Coil Pack Set Up ‘in house’ coils Like MSD Coil Pack. So here we have set up our ‘in house’ VR6 coil pack, very similar to the MSD coils we also have but the ‘in house’ coils are an unbranded version, originating from the USA from our […]

Milltek Sport GT100 Polished Tips Fitted to Golf MK4 R32 with Milltek Sport Cat Back Non Resonated

The R32 with Milltek Sport Exhaust GT100 Tips

Bad Habit Racing Team Out Having Fun

Finally making the blog archives! Throwback to the Bad Habit Racing Team out having fun 💪 Proudly repping us here at VW Parts International & everyone at UKMK3s 💪 Tell us all about your car, Feature Your Ride here with us{{ vc_btn: title=Feature+My+Ride&align=center&link=url%3A%2523%7C%7C%7C&el_class=drift-open-chat }} Find us on Facebook HERE Find us on Instagram HERE MK3 [...]

Lip Flip – Flip The Lip Wide Look Golf MK3 US Spec Carbon Fibre Splitter with added Estate Splitter, Golf MK3 VR6 + Deep Chin

Lip Flip ta da, Lip Flip, what do you think?  Take 1 Golf MK3 Estate Lip aka Splitter, Spoiler, valance and Flip it over, hmm that gives a nicer look added to our Carbon Fibre splitter.  (crudely supported to US splitter with unseen prop, ie 2 lips/splitters, will be better once plastic welded and re-pictured) […]

Audi RS6 5.0 V10 4F/C6 Quattro Bi-Turbo BMC Performance Air Filter Upgrade, Parts & Installation

A very simple upgrade for this RS6 5.0 V10, the paper air filters have been swapped out for BMC Performance filters, 5min job to install, longer to admire the engine and chat!  See the parts in our shop to upgrade today! link below \/ Let your RS6 breath easier. View Product: Audi RS6 5.0 V10 […]

The Daily Race Car

What Lies Beneath Robin got in touch with a cool looking white, 4-door, big bumper MK2, and what a MK2 it is. From the outside, Robins MK2 has a seemingly understated OEM look to it, but if you’re at a 1/4 mile track day and this comes up next to you, there’s a good chance you’re just going […]

Alejandro’s Perfect MK3 from Mexico

Surf Green Perfection So, we came across this absolute stunner by chance I suppose, Alejandro got in touch when we had some of the very last original stock of some cool green interior handbrake levers for the MK3. We were sent a picture of the car he was buying for, and we knew instantly that […]