COVID-19 ⚠️ Update ⚠️

Our measures and actions to shield/protect staff and customers from the ‘Coronavirus’.

We’re still open for business, despite COVID-19 ⚠️ We’re working safely to maintain service.

Please go ahead and place your order as usual for delivery, though delays may occur on some brands/products/shipping.

The team are all healthy and staying safe, with minimal social interaction (work and home) and have had no signs of any symptoms to date.

January – April 2021

Vaccines due for the world. Some have said a chip, some say a prevention but as with any vaccine the masses will have it for the sake of everyone.

Let’s hope things get back to the old normal soon. Let’s draw closure on this update page/strange blog with a look back to now.

Some how we have survived, unlike many businesses, service providers, hospitality and self-employments. Through sheer grit and determination, we never gave up, never closed through preference or had to due to being classed an essential type of business, ‘automotive’ and we knew then we had to be that much needed service for the people trying to maintain the wheels for work given so many dealerships had closed.

We closed to any public/no collections bar couriers and locked down like the rest of the world), but we carried on safely helping people every day to maintain with parts, not only emergency workers but also the every day man and woman, trying to get to work to feed the family, we do not differentiate but certainly know that the people rely heavily on the people’s car, the vehicle’s for every day life, lockdowns or not.. Volkswagens need service and maintenance.

We are proud to have helped many people to stay mobile and retain some normality with their ongoing projects during what we can all describe as a horrid time in all of our history.

Thank you to all of our new and old customers, your daily demands have kept us so busy, non stop and we are as happy to be here still helping you, to achieve that success! No matter the project size or part requirements and no matter what we all went through, we made it through together.

We also recognise the losses of many people’s lives during these tough times and although heartbreakingly sad, it’s just another reason to keep going and not give up, we put ourselves at personal risk, perhaps not like emergency workers but to some degree of risk to ensure we carried on, we hear the message loud and clear from above, it’s what they would want and given the demand we could never falter.  We could never let you down!

We may not update this page again as what more is there to say. We are doing what we do best, shipping the best OEM parts worldwide, helping customer in the remotest of regions and the busiest of cities alike!

Let the show go on and let us all enjoy some days out with our much cherished Volkswagens and enjoy good company with friends. A few days off with family unseen for months and some normality back to life.

Your VWPI team.


Seems pointless updating, it’s the new norm for now, we have got in many toy models on purpose, many gifts for Christmas for everyone, keep on building and get the kids involved. Nobody should have to cancel Christmas!  Enjoy Christmas and into 2021 we go and let’s hope this thing is done soon.


2nd lockdown and as before we remain an essential service for many.

However with no major changes since April, we are still open for online business only, no collections at present and bar courier/postal delays due to local and national lockdowns, it is service as normal. (the ongoing normal for now..)

Please note we are seeing some delays via Royal Mail, DHL, UPS etc and this may continue through the ‘2nd lockdowns’ not just in the UK, but also Germany, USA, Australia and many of the other worldwide locations we ship to. If you need our help in maintaining your vehicle so you can get from A to B essential journeys and work, we’re here for you.  All parts are available for shipping however we ask for extra patience during processing and delivery if parts are not urgent nor essential.

Stay safe 


24th April  

We are still seeing a higher than usual volume of orders, emails and chats, please be patient and thanks for your understanding.

May, June, July, will this end, looks like it won’t but we keep calm, carry on & Stay safe .  


1st April

Majority of orders shipping as normal. Some with minor delays.


Royal Mail ?? USPS ?? DHL ?? UPS ?? Parcelforce ?? DPD ?? TNT ?? Hermes ?? Fedx ?? Pallet Networks ??

Like clapping for our hospital/care workers, there is a ‘thumbs up for your postie’ campaign here in the UK, see RM twitter page for ‘kids colouring in posters’ to help show support. No matter where you are in the world, give your postal workers a thumbs up. We couldn’t deliver parts to you without their tremendous efforts.


27th March

Temporary closure at Powerflex is announced. New production of bushes has been temporarily suspended. We hold a large number of Powerflex bushes in stock though not the full range at all times, so this will limit some availability as some parts go onto backorder but we do have the most popular bushes in stock.


25th-26th March 

Key Workers/Critical Workers will be given priority for orders and assistance, let us know the garages/mechanics details if applicable so we can get it to them as fast as possible.

Orders are being shipped with no or little delay, (Excluding Forge/Scorpion) We have had our deliveries of goods in and collections of goods out as usual but with our increased social distancing and no interactions with others.

Some Couriers/Postal services have advised of changes to service expectations; such as Royal Mail (special delivery is now 1-2 working days, no longer guaranteed) though still aimed for next day by end of day.  Parcelforce similar with express services no longer guaranteed. DHL aim for next day but may be 1-2 working days. They also reconfirmed their efforts in themselves maintaining distance at all times, during delivery it will be contactless and we recommend you stay inside/indoors and observe the delivery.

For bulky items we send via DHL worldwide, cargo/shipments are seeing some delays, but are being delivered. Again, Please stay at least 2 Meters away from the the delivery drivers to help ensure their safety while working.  No collections can be made from depots, excluding key/critical workers, so re arrange if you miss the delivery. Couriers and postal services are helping to keep countries supplies moving, so please be patient and considerate as they are doing an outstanding job.


24th March 

Unfortunately, though expected, but also commendable, some manufacturers have today closed temporarily in light of the developing situation.  Forge Motorsport and Scorpion Exhausts both shut their doors for 3 weeks to ensure staff safety.  With strict and smaller operations here at VWPI than some of our partners/suppliers, we were expecting this to happen at some point and actually commend them for taking the action. While we are closed to the public, due to our small team and strict measures, you can still place an order and we’ll process it safely when we can. If it’s not in stock and/or supplied by Forge or Scorpion, it’ll be shipped as soon as they recommence operations.


23rd March

As per UK Gov advice;

We are working to strict online only sales, 2 Meter distancing in the warehouse with minimal staff, most staff are working from home and others where possible. No interaction with couriers, we put parcels down at our goods in/out area and staff stay back in the office while they deliver/collect with immediate sanitisation of areas after their exit/in between deliveries/collections, thus all staff and our partners are maintaining the 2 Meters social distancing or often better/more than 2M.

We have been practising social distancing and extra hygiene measures since 6th March, long before UK gov advice, and more inline with WHO.


23rd March

Volkswagen change the well renowned Volkswagen logo by adding distance between the V & W, far apart to represent the “thanks for keeping your social distance” message.



See the Volkswagen news Youtube channel.


20th March

As per UK Gov advice; All staff are already working from home and also strict no social contact inline with WHO

Royal Mail confirms delays and changes to estimates but remain open for business. Royal Mail is a key delivery partner for us, we rely on them daily to deliver parcels.

DHL our other key delivery provider who we again rely on greatly, also changes estimates of delivery, to allow safer working.


6th-15th March

Our measures/actions to shield from the Coronavirus, protect staff and customers.

We are currently following all advice from WHO and the UK Government, as required and where possible staff are working from home with dispatch and packaging being done with strict social distancing and all packages are being left in a safe place so we are not interacting with couriers if we do have to interact we are maintaining greater distance as possible and in relation to taking precautions around COVID-19 including, regular hand washing and sanitising of areas at regular intervals and also strict and extra social distancing.  We are working to ensure less risk to our staff and customers at all times and stay ahead of advice, with measures like social distancing in operation since the 6th of March, we believe our strict practise is ensuring greater safety for us and our customers and even the wider community.

Currently our suppliers and partners are also in operation and all following advice, as we have witnessed from many reassuring communications we have received.

The fact all shows/events are being cancelled has really sunk in, its painful as 2020 was looking to be a great year, its going to be a different few months for us all but for us our cars are our sanity as well as life and sole, and life will resume as normal, soon or at some point and for us and you, we hope, our/your cars can be an escape if only in the garage putting in some time on projects or a drive around for much needed supplies, and in this time of change we remain on hand if we can help in keeping your wheels on the road.

Update: Our measures/actions to shield from the Coronavirus, protect staff and customers.

We are still operational and fulfilling orders.  However, we shall continue to monitor the situation daily and should anything change we shall notify you immediately with updates here or directly to your inbox if it is urgently relating to your order.  We are taking our own extra measures and as long as couriers and suppliers maintain operations, we see no reason as yet to pause trading, nor according to Government advice, we should stay open to assist people being able to maintain their vehicle.

Note with some of the borders closing/closed across Europe there may be some delays with deliveries due to courier staff shortages though cargo has not been banned as yet, but we do anticipate there will be more than a day or two of delays as industry like import/customs will also see staff shortages.

We do anticipate delays at some points to increase and will duly inform you of any such delays as or when they occur or we have useful data.  Until then and with us all expecting some welcome or unwelcome time off or limited working, e its perhaps a time to work on the project if only for a few days in the garage, so order your parts here as needed we expect to for-fill your order.

Remember to stay safe out there, stay 2 meters or more apart and wash your hands frequently!

We are available on the chat if you have any questions prior to placing an order or just fancy a chat, get us all talking.