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Audi RS6 5.0 V10 4F/C6 Quattro Bi-Turbo BMC Performance Air Filter Upgrade, Parts & Installation

Audi RS6 5.0 V10 4F/C6 Quattro Bi-Turbo BMC Performance Air Filter Upgrade, Parts & Installation

A very simple upgrade for this RS6 5.0 V10, the paper air filters have been swapped out for BMC Performance filters, 5min job to install, longer to admire the engine and chat!  See the parts in our shop to upgrade today! link below \/ Let your RS6 breath easier.

View Product: Audi RS6 5.0 V10 4F/C6 Quattro Bi-Turbo BMC Performance Air Filter Replacement Service Kit

Audi RS6 5.0 V10 4F/C6 Quattro Bi-Turbo BMC Performance Air Filter Upgrade, Parts & Installation

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The Daily Race Car

What Lies Beneath

Robin got in touch with a cool looking white, 4-door, big bumper MK2, and what a MK2 it is.

From the outside, Robins MK2 has a seemingly understated OEM look to it, but if you’re¬†at a 1/4 mile track day and this comes up next to you, there’s¬†a good chance you’re¬†just going to see the back of it for this run… the only giveaway for the eagle-eyed¬†amongst its victims, is the badge that sits in the front grille…

Robin explains how he came to have this car, and gives us a rundown of this daily driven racer.

“I’ve owned the car for 11yrs.

It started life as a 2E 2L 8v digifant motor, eventually converted to a modern EFI making 91kw and 164nm.

These were produced in South Africa in 1992 under the VWSA motorsports banner, as a “test” vehicle for the mk3 gti as we never received a 16v mk3 gti, but one with a 2.0 8v.

The car is used as a true daily driver. Long road trips are part of its life. I drag race it and as a 1.8T 20v, it’s been down the strip over 320 times over 3 years. It’s seen a couple track days.

Plans to go big turbo are in the works, but not as quickly as I’d like.
The car is built on the foundation that if it can’t be a daily, I won’t build it.”

We love this dedication to keeping this as a useable, reliable car, but with the power to surprise a lot of newer cars.

We are loving how clean of an install this is, its almost as if it was there from factory.

Robin explains the spec here…

1.8T 20v AGU
AJH intake
63mm downpipe and exhaust.
Custom intercooler and stainless steel piping.
GFB decepter pro 2 electronic bov
GFB G-force 2 electronic boost controller.
Powermods management with flat foot shifting and 2-step launch control.
Poly engine mounts

BC Racing BR edition coilovers.
16″ volk racing G25 lightweight 7J with 195/45 Nankang NS2 tyres.
14″ stock “rib cage” wheels are used in winter on Yokohama s-drive 185/55 tyres.

The car made 140kw 321nm at the wheels. With more work in the pipeline, we are going to keep in touch with Robin, as this build can only get better, and quicker.

We love how this MK2 has been built to be a true sleeper, easily mistaken for something it’s not, until it passes you, well done Robin, can’t wait to see where this goes.

If you would like your car featured here, then get in touch, you can contact us via the website on our live chat feature, or any of our socials, we love seeing our customers builds, and we are honoured to be a part of them.

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Alejandro’s Perfect MK3 from Mexico

Surf Green Perfection

So, we came across this absolute stunner by chance I suppose, Alejandro got in touch when we had some of the very last original stock of some cool green interior handbrake levers for the MK3. We were sent a picture of the car he was buying for, and we knew instantly that we needed more info on this beautiful green machine.

Alejandro sent us some amazing pictures and a spec list that any car guy would love, and it’s all packed into this Surf Green 90’s hatch.

The interior & exterior mods include:

  • Surf green metallic paint
  • European spec bumpers & tailgate
  • Heckblende
  • Rear golf emblem XX Edition Yahre
  • ABT skirts
  • BBS LM 17×7.5 & 8.5
  • Tires 165/40/17, 195/40/17 rear
  • Airlift Performance V2 air ride
  • Austrian auto DJ headlights and original Hella Smoke and Reflective fog light kit
  • Neuspeed Upper front and rear stabilizer bars.
  • GTi green Recaro seats & door cards
  • Green colour concept steering wheel
  • Green colour concept handbrake
  • Votex Pedals
  • 3.6 FSI engine
  • 312mm Cupra Discs.
  • Clutch Copper and fiber, Steering wheel and New Transmission.
  • Borla exhaust

The mods don’t stop there, Alejandro has also built quite a decent audio system in the R36 too, too make it sound as good as it looked.


  • Audiofrog GB15 Tweeters
  • Audiofrog GB60 Woofers
  • Audiofrog GB615C Xovers
  • In the back, we use a pair of coaxial Audiofrog GS62
  • Subwoofers Audiofrog GS10D2, a pair.
  • Audison AV Voce Quattro 800 watts for media
  • Audison AV Voce Quattro 1200 watts for subwoofers
  • The wiring came from SUONO, 100% copper, as well as the accessories.
  • The acoustic treatment on front doors and rear panels ran a load of Soundskins and ADS.
  • We also use Soundskins rings.
  • Signal quality and processing provided by a Pioneer DEX.P99RS, one of my preferred units for this type of projects where performance is a priority.

The interior is classic MK3, some subtle touches include the colour concept steering wheel and gear knob with green stitch, spy the Fischer cd holder and the perfect placement of the V2 controller.

The front of this MK3 just looks so clean, the smoked headlights and fogs work so well with the Surf Green, and you can just see that 3.6 FSI, the only clue to what lies beneath is the OEM R36 badge sitting in the 2-slat GTI grille.

Its no secret that we love a MK3 here at VWPI, we stock 1000s of MK3 parts, so we love the fact that our customers want to take the time to share their cars with us, especially when they are over 5,000 miles away!

Thanks for sharing Alejandro, and keep up the amazing work with the MK3.

If you would like your car featured here, then get in touch, you can contact us via the website on our live chat feature, or any of our socials, we love seeing our customers builds, and we are honoured to be a part of them.

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One cool MK3 wagon

The second time’s the charm…

An awesome “started from the bottom” story from Trem, in his own words.

We love this wagon, enjoy.


I got sucked into cars from a young age with my dad having ford Cortinas and Granada’s, but have always loved the ones that stood out from the crowd or don’t see anymore.

The main reason I went for a mk3 golf estate was that I needed a more practical car for when I go to steam rallies tractor pulling and no check engine lights, before that I had a Honda civic ej9, and yes it was fun to drive and work on, but being petrol and a hatchback it just wasn’t suitable for what I needed.

So I started putting the feelers out for a different car, a very good friend of mine Ben Byrne sent me a link on Facebook of a VW golf mk3 estate local to me. That was it, I decided I wanted to have a look so off I went, after getting a lift, had a look at it and took it for a test drive and decided to buy it and returned with it and started to plan how I wanted it to look.

It wasn’t all good news though, after doing nearly¬†everything I wanted to be done, I decided to sort the bodywork out and get it to show car condition, but used daily. That’s when we found out the floor was rotting and needed welding.
So I sent it to a garage, which ended that shells life when we went out it in for a mot and it failed on structural integrity. The hunt began to find and buy another shell and luckily, an awesome bloke called Phil Penna had one without the engine in and I purchased at a fair price. I sent the car to the welding guru Rob Appleby to sort the sills out, then it went off to the air wizard Harley Smith to refit the air ride.
After those two done what they had to do, the shell was sent to Dom Byrne for a full respray in blue and the engine bay went bright green. After he had worked his magic, I refitted the interior and other bits to it.
Hella dual headlights
Us front splitter
Lower and upper bumper air ducts
Red, black, red Hella rears
Rear Japanese numberplate tub

Airlift performance 3p air ride
Schmidt modern lines 16×7.5j et20
Volk rays 16x8j and 16x9j 3 piece splits

Rear vr6 leather seats
Half leather half cloth front seats
Custom stainless steel gear knob from lathe cave
Pioneer head unit
Custom floor mats
Black headliner
Black ABC pillars
Black load liner
Black leather load cover
Black grab handles in the rear
Black sunglasses holder front

So after 18 month’s being off the road, I now drive her everywhere and anywhere daily and have attended a couple of shows and got mixed reactions.
Got to say a big thank you to my girlfriend Charlotte for putting up with it, Ben Byrne For finding the first golf, Rob Appleby for being a welding guru and being there when things go wrong, Harley Smith for fitting the air ride, Dom Byrne for the paintwork, Duncan Russell for sorting bits out and to anyone else who have helped out.

We hope you loved seeing and reading about this awesome wagon. If you have a cool motor, old or new, get in touch with us to be featured here too. We also have Facebook and Instagram so you can catch us there too.
If you love your MK3, be sure to join up on our UKMK3s Facebook group too.
Peace out VW fans

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Jordan’s VR6 B4 Passat

Jordan pyzer passat 1

One cool OEM+ Wagon

This Passat started its life back in 1995, coming from the factory, fitted with the brilliant VR6 lump, making this B4, a cool wagon in its own right.

Now, since being in the Hands of its owner, Jordan, its had somewhat of an OEM + upgrade.

Picture: WOTPIX

From the outside, you easily see the subtle touches that this car has, including being nicely lowered over a set MK1 Audi TT wheels, which do actually look quite at home on this 90’s estate.

The rear is just as tidy as the rest of the car, also sporting those OEM slightly tinted rear lights.

In keeping with the nice clean style of this car, the inside has the full leather treatment, with the cool addition of a US spec MK2 Scirocco deep-dish steering wheel. Again, keeping quite well with the classy theme that’s¬†going on.


Picture: Mark Rodway for Vagroots

Now, the B4 Passat could easily be overlooked on a show field, (depending on different peoples tastes that is), this one’s an eye catcher though, and the more discerning VW fans will notice the VR6 badge, just a clue to what lurks beneath. To some, it may just seem like an old estate with a VR in it, but as they say, looks can be sometimes deceiving, as Jordan has been busy under the bonnet too…

Once in Jordan’s hands, the factory fitted 12v 2.8 VR6 was swapped out for a 24v 2.8 V6 setup from a 2002 MK4 4motion.

He didn’t¬†quite stop there either, while he was doing engine bits, it got treated to a custom TrackSlag¬†manifold, and a de-cat-ed exhaust system too. Pair these with a custom remap and the car now sits at around 220 BHP. A nice figure for this car, not over the top, but enough to make this big wagon get from A to B a fair bit quicker, and with that awesome V6 noise.

So there we have it, Jordan’s awesome VR6 Passat. Tastefully done, nice and clean, a lovely daily. We do hope to see more soon but with an amazing looking project on the side (A lovely classic beetle, more on that soon we hope), will this stay as it is? Or is there more planned? Time will tell.

If you would like your car featured here, whether its a classic or new age model, get in touch with us via the Feature My Ride button below, or drop us a message on Facebook and Instagram.

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Richards VR6 Vento, from Hungary with love

A labour of love

Now, it’s no secret that here at VWPI we do love a mk3, whatever the variation, hatch, estate or saloon.

But this Vento came to my attention again recently, what first took my eye was the colour, I knew it wasn’t¬†a factory MK3 hue, but it looked right at home on this booted beauty.

I’ve¬†known the car existed for a while, and I’ve¬†kept up with the build as much as I could, and enjoyed seeing its progression at the hands of its owner, Richard. It’s not one of those wildly over the top builds, it’s subtle, classy and executed to perfection. But anyway, I’ll let Richard explain in his own words, enjoy MK3 lovers.

I got sucked into cars in general quite quickly. I don’t pick sides, I adore all of the good ones, like with everything in life.
The reason I got stuck with a VW is that in Hungary where I’m from, they are common and they are quite reliable before a certain period (I’m talking about you MK4 with your check engine lights!).
Joke’s aside I started with a cheap little runaround MK2 petrol Golf.

I loved it totally, I could service it myself with a couple of tools, but it didn’t make enough power and I always wanted a VR6 engined car. Doing an Engine swap was not an option as legally it is a complete disaster to register the car and get an MOT here.

So I started to look up other VR engined VWs, so the choice was the Vento.
I used to see one, in particular, every day on my way to school back in the day, and I fell in love with them. It is not the best looking VW for most, but I just loved it since I was a little one.
So the hunt began, obviously, there wasn’t any in the country in decent shape, so I had to dig deeper.
I eventually found the one for me in Switzerland.
Fully serviced, with all the paperwork, keys etc. It was a match made.

Its a 1992 model, so early spec, and I’m a proud owner of her for 8 years now.

I remember like it was yesterday, a couple of years after I got her, and after lots of planning and thinking I sat down with a couple of A4 sheets and started to write a list what I wanted to do on the car, this includes all the little nitpicky things.
I ended up writing 4 pages and at this point I can say that every last one of these boxes are ticked.

The car had a full respray, even though it was in good shape, I wanted something unique, so I have gone with a rare-ish Corrado colour, the light grey metallic, I’ve saved money for that for months, that was one of the reasons I have worked abroad.
I have hunted down a lot of rare (I know it’s commonly used) parts, some of them I hunted for, no kidding, 5 years, this being a mint pair of Votex side skirts (these are still waiting to be installed) and travelled 1200 km for a NIB Highline Votex steering wheel for example.

The MK3 was really a hit back in the 90s for aftermarket part distributors, they have made loads of accessories for them, so I was instantly hooked.
For example a couple I love the most:

Votex skirts, Bonrath mono wiper, Perana rear window louvre from South Africa, Rieger and Henry Lloyd lips, US parts, COX 628 SI front strut bar from Japan, Black Recaro CC seats, Wooden dash decor set, Various in pro taillights, ZKW fogs and Anni fogs, rare badges (Thanks to Luke over at UKMK3s :)) and the list goes on.
All of these parts are mint or in new condition, so you can say I was kinda addicted to collecting.

I’ve also hunted down the wheels in Ireland from a MK4 Supra after a couple of years of playing part detective, especially for my fitment, they are Autostrada Modenas, 17x8x8,5 Staggered and refinished/ colour matched with my car, also redrilled professionally to 5×100. Others dream about BBS RS’s etc, but these were the holy grail for me, as a 90s kid, the F40 was all over my wall, so these wheels resemble my love for that beast.
Also, I’m a massive Dragon Ball fan, you know that Japanese anime where everyone got stronger the bigger they shout?
So I planted some easter eggs on my car too, custom made a manga vinyl sheet and wrapped certain parts in the boot and also made a Capsule Corp. window sticker also colour matched.

For this year I let the coilovers go and built my own air ride setup, with Airlift V2 management.
I’ve never seen my car sitting nicer and lower, absolutely loved it the moment I was done with it.
When the guys at Airlift Performance shared my photos I was absolutely shocked. I was like jumping around at work and couldn’t believe it.

I never took the car to car shows before 2018 as I felt it wasn’t done, it wasn’t presentable.
But this year I went to two shows and brought two trophies home. And one is really special for me, as this fest/meeting is organized by the one and only VW magazine here in Hungary and I was a visitor a couple of times at a younger age, so this was the first time I was there with this car, and a couple of guys insisted that I enter the car for show and shine, and I really didn’t want to, as I’m not a show off kinda person. I never really did anything on the car because it was a trend at that time, I did everything for myself, the way I wanted.
So when the judges shouted my name for best of show.. I couldn’t believe it. So that trophy is really special.

It is no biggie for most but for a guy like me who had grown up in a, let’s say, modest environment in a small eastern european country, working on his car alone, none of my single friends are petrolheads for 8 years, not to mention the sacrifices I made to get this thing at this stage, this means the world to me, a massive appreciation to all the hard work I’ve put into this thing.


There we have it, folks, many thanks to Richard for taking the time to get a little bit of his Vento journey into words for us.

If you would like your car featured here, whether its a classic or new age model, get in touch with us via the Feature My Ride button below, or drop us a message on Facebook and Instagram.

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Customer Cars – Harkz’s Dragon Green MK3 Golf!

VW Parts International Blog:
Customer Cars – Harkz’s Dragon Green MK3 Golf!


After the fantastic response received on Rob’s VR6, it seemed only fair to cover another Customer Car! Unfortunately as many of you are aware I disappeared off for some rather important surgery to repair the mess that is my right arm – so for those of you looking forward to a new feature, I am deeply sorry, I don’t plan on having another operation for the foreseeable future! However, from my heart thank you for all of the well wishers sending messages while I was in hospital! Anyway, enough about me, let’s get on with the task in hand!

4 years ago, Harkz picked up this Dragon Green Volkswagen Golf MK3 VR6, and in his words, “It was a mess”. Interior pieces were missing, rust everywhere, and corroded rubber bushings all round. It was clear that this VR6 previously had a tough paper-round! However, unfazed by the task ahead of him, Harkz got straight to work, starting by replacing any rusty or rounded nuts and bolts on the chassis with OEM replacements from us at VW Parts International. Following that, the standard suspension was swapped out for some BC Racing coilovers. This was a perfect time to start replacing the old and corroded rubber bushings. and Harkz bought a Full Powerflex Bush Set from us at VWPI. The stance was then completed with a set of 17x8j BBS LM replicas.

So now the VR6 was starting to feel a little more healthy and tight from behind the wheel. Now was a perfect time to start on the appearance aesthetically, as the engine was strong, and the chassis tight. However the paint was bubbling with surface rust, and¬†blistering from the sun. There were also small scratches and dings all over the car. To fix this properly, it would either take a huge number of man hours every day after work, or some time in a body shop. Harkz chose the latter, however he wasn’t just going to throw in a standard car for paint. Oh no, there were many pieces to be upgraded and changed, starting with a full Vento front end. US front and rear bumpers were added to the parts pile, along with a US tailgate. Wing mirrors taken from a MK3.5 cabrio were chosen as they give a MK3 a nice modern touch. Finally, Harkz got back on our site and bought a pair of Upper Air Intake Vents for the front bumper, a must have if your car isn’t factory fitted with front fog lights or your looking to feed in more cold air to the VR6 engine bay!


Once all US and Vento parts had been resprayed in Dragon Green, the body of the car was also de-rusted, de-dinged and given a fresh lease of life with perfect original Dragon Green Paint. This surely was turning into one clean green restored machine! Harkz now turned his attention to lighting, because now that there was a USDM style, a few things needed wiring differently. US side markers were added, and wired up from the original indicators. The amber side lights were also then spliced into the factory side lights to complete the USDM look. Finally, the Vento headlights were taken off, split, and “Joeyd”, meaning the chrome backing painted black, which when reassembled gives a really great look, while still maintaining the factory lighting brilliance. This completed the exterior, and finished off what has become one of the most beautiful examples of a Dragon Green MK3s the UK has seen!

Harkz’s final points of interest were the sound of the car, and the interior styling. He purchased and installed a full VR6 Exhaust System and De-Cat Replacement Pipe, and let the VR6 breathe a little easier with a K&N 57i Induction Kit. Now it was looking fresh with a better than factory re-spray, lovely wheels, great stance and finally there was an engine note to match! Harkz’s attention was finally focussed on the interior. The grey pillar trims were replaced for black, and the roof lining was re-trimmed in black¬†faux suede. A wooden rimmed steering wheel from a B5 VW Passat was a welcomed touch of class, along with Audi TT knee bars onto the centre console. Partner this with a far more modern looking MK3.5 cabrio dimple dash and the driver’s seat was fast becoming a lovely place to be! As a last addition, Harkz made up a custom MK4 style appearance for his original clocks, finishing the modernised style.

Well harkz, what can I say? This is one of the class leading MK3s in the UK, and quite possibly one of the cleanest examples of a Dragon Green Golf remaining on the roads! The Vento front end is always a popular addition, along with BBS wheels. So from an on looker’s standpoint, this lean green cruising machine is breaking necks daily. ¬†From all of the team at VW Parts International, thank you for your custom, we love the car, and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

If you would like your car featured here, whether its a classic or new age model, get in touch with us via the Feature My Ride button below, or drop us a message on Facebook and Instagram.

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Customer Cars – Rob’s Golf Mk3 VR6 with a difference!

VW Parts International Blog
VW Parts International Customer Cars – Rob’s Golf Mk3 VR6 with a difference!


So what a brilliant feedback we’ve had from the first of our featured cars! Safe to say you guys & girls love to see how other people build their cars and hear¬†their stories, so I’ll go ahead and treat you to another one here and now! This time round is another Mk3 VR6, owned by a keen member of UKMK3s and frequent customer to VWPI, Mr Rob Palmer himself. So take a seat, buckle up and listen hard, this one is well worth your time!

When Rob bought his ’97 VR6 in August of 2012, it was a clean, totally stock example. It was the perfect canvas for making something special. It was found on eBay, being sold by the neighbour of a 75 year old gent who’d bought it new back in 1997, and because he no longer drove it, he had kept it in a garage covered in boxes for the previous 7 years! From the outset, Rob had a specific point in his mind that he wanted the Golf to reach. Show car was always the goal. However a few bits and pieces naturally on a car of this age had to be taken care of from the outset, starting with the common rusty front wings. Rob got online and purchased a pair of OEM Replacement Wings/Fenders¬†for¬†both the¬†Near¬†Side and the¬†Off Side from us here at VWPI. Given he was changing the wings, he decided to change to some smoked side repeaters which are far more stylish and in-keeping with the look.


Given the car had been sat for so long, naturally a few of the rubber bushings around the car had begun to perish which is totally normal over time. While Rob was treating the car to new parts, he saw it fit to upgrade everything. If you are going to do some of it, you may as well do all of it. So Rob got back onto us here at VW Parts International and picked up a Powerflex Complete Upgrade Bush Kit. Air ride was always on the list of upgrades from the get-go, so Rob had a chassis notch cut into the front chassis legs to cater for some serious lows! This was initially tied in with a set of lovely 16 inch Schmidt Modernline alloy wheels, and a Ravern 2 way air ride kit. Given the Chassis was having work done, Rob being Rob, the decision was made to have all the sills replaced and skirts where needed. This sure was turning into one heck of a future proofed car!


By this point, a substantial amount of effort had been poured into both the chassis and exterior styling, but the interior was still stock. This was about to change massively. Firstly, Rob bought himself a pair of¬†Recaro CS front seats, which he had re-trimmed in blood red by Transcal Scotland. The¬†OEM bench seat was then matched in the same red leather. The same was said for the door cards and the parcel shelf. The dashboard was also matched to the red interior by Trim Deluxe. Grey plastics and roof lining were now looking tired in the car in comparison with the new OEM+ leather, so a black headliner was swapped in.¬†Black sunroof switches, sun visors, roof handles and A/B/C pillars were also fitted in black to complete the red/black combo. Phew, what a lot of work! Of course it doesn’t stop there though.¬†Air ride switches and controls were built into the centre console with LED lights to portray a more OEM+ appearance. In the back, a full boot build was fashioned with the air tank centred and LED illumination from¬†under a false floor. To complete the interior, a full Alpine audio system including a V12 amp and sub was installed. So styling, comfort, ergonomics and audio by this point were covered, along with the chassis and bodywork outside. It was at this point that Rob realised he was legitimately entering the “Show And Shine” sector of the show car scene, and rightly so!


So, what remained for this beautiful MK3? Well naturally after this much work, you can’t just leave a bone stock VR6 under the bonnet can you?! Rob definitely had ambition, and in this case, naturally aspirated power was the focus. But first of all, as with the rest of the car, a few parts around the engine bay needed replacing to freshen up the appearance. This started with a new Coolant Bottle Reservoir¬†from us at VWPI. While he was on our site, he found more to his liking, so the engine was then lifted by a 10mm raise kit, and all fittings and fixtures were replaced for brand new ones. The oil sump was then fitted with a sump guard for protection, which was a sensible idea given how low this MK3 was capable of going! Clean air flow was taken car of by a RAM air filter, heading into a hugely sought after Shrick intake manifold. I can safely say I’m very jealous on this mod alone, as no doubt almost all VR6 owners¬†would be! Chasing after every spare horse he could get, Rob then deleted his air conditioning, which rumour has it can release a further 1-2hp. The head was rebuilt with Newman Race cams, and the exhaust was swapped out for a sports cat fabricated with a pair of 3in outlets mated to a custom made exhaust system by Infinity. The front wiring looms were then tucked to finish the bay with a functional but clean appearance. To finish off¬†the brain received a remap, estimating the total peak power now at 200hp!

The final touch after many hours of paint work and polishing, and the most noticeable and recent modification was the switch from Schmidt over to BBS wheels. This beautiful VR6 now rolls on a set of 16inch 8j BBS RS alloys which were refurbished by Felgenwerkes with a 1 inch lip up front, and a 1.25 inch lip on the rear.

Well Rob, what can we¬†say? This was a huge undertaking, and more than anything I’d¬†like to congratulate you from the team¬†here at VW Parts International on a fantastically re-finished and restored MK3. For us at VWPI, the MK3 is the special one and to see someone not only change the styling so beautifully, but also to so thoroughly future proof the car for many more years to come, we can give nothing but huge respect! And massive praise! ¬†Because of the choices made by Rob from the outset, we are sure¬†that this Golf can be enjoyed by both himself, and by the masses for years to come! In short, 10/10. Fabulous!

If you would like your car featured here, whether its a classic or new age model, get in touch with us via the Feature My Ride button below, or drop us a message on Facebook and Instagram.

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Customer Cars – Steve’s Golf Mk3 VR6!

VW Parts International Blog
Customer Cars – Steve’s Golf Mk3 VR6


It is with great pleasure as the publisher of the VWPI blog that I can begin a new section to our blogs. Every week there will now be a new “Customer Car”! Every week a full feature will be written here specifically about one customer’s ride. Where it began, where it’s at, where it’s headed. A full description with a list of all modifications. Maybe you’ve looked at this person’s car and always wondered what lights they have, wheels etc. Here, you’ll find out!

Anyway, that’s enough intro, we welcome to the first VWPI Customer Car Blog – Steve Whitby’s ¬†Dragon Green Golf Mk3 VR6!


Owned for just over a year and a half, I think we can all agree this is one tastefully built car. Many subtle mods was the key for Steve, so he’s added countless tiny details to give it a hugely appealing OEM+ effect. For the exterior, he’s fitted genuine Hella Twin headlights, with the surrounds painted in matching Dragon Green. The fogs and blanks have been tinted in yellow which both nods toward the euro scene and compliments the beautifully kept, waxed and lovingly polished green. The mirror glass has been swapped out for those found on US spec golfs. Steve is now forever reminded “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear!” Round the back he’s simply smoked his GTI rear lights. The wheels are 16x8j Rota D154s with 10mm 5×100 spacers all around, wrapped in Nankang NS20 rubber. A healthy drop all around on FK AK Street Coilovers completes the look beautifully!


Under the bonnet Steve’s continued his theme and not to play too heavily with an already brilliant engine, he’s kept it simple here as well. He’s added a ram-air filter with hidden cold air feed to keep it breathing, and treated the V6 to some NGK Iridium spark plugs so she purrs like a happy kitty. Couple the upgrade plugs with a set of ¬†uprated 10mm red HT leads courtesy of us at VW Parts International, and Steve’s got himself a brilliant flow of current to all 6 cylinders! Not only this, but he frequently services everything like a true enthusiast, and only runs the engine on Castrol Magnatech oil. The exhaust is comprised of a currently standard manifold¬†running into a custom made de-cat straight through. You’ll hear him a mile off!


The interior is finished with more subtle mods, such as a mk3.5/4 steering wheel, a mk5 gear knob, carbon fibre hydro dipped trim and US Spec Cup Holders to give it some practicality also. All Mk3 Golf owners know the lack of cup holders on UK/Euro spec models is frustrating, so we support Steve’s decision to retro fit these!

Steve’s got many future plans for this VR, such as hyrdo-dipping other¬†parts within the engine bay, but all we can say is that where he’s at¬†so far, we approve! The love shown and the good nature in which modifications have been done for not only styling but also future-proofing is always going to get a thumbs up from us! Mr Steve, we love it!

If you would like your car featured here, whether its a classic or new age model, get in touch with us via the Feature My Ride button below, or drop us a message on Facebook and Instagram.

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I think it’s safe to say that everyone loves it when other people appreciate their ride. It’s one of those feelings that to a car lover not much else comes close to. We’ve all put in the hours of work on our cars, modifying, tweaking, maintaining, and it’s awesome when our ride then gets the credit from others it deserves!

This is where you guys fit in! On the VW Parts International Blog, I would like to personally type up features as a little nod of approval for all your hard work from all of us at VWPI! If we have enough feedback with this I will type up a feature weekly to fit in amongst the normal blog posts.

So, you may ask what you need to do. It’s really simple! Hit the ‘Feature My Ride’ button below. In your message I will need some high resolution photos of the car, maybe as you bought it, during the build and the end result. I will also need specifications/modifications of what you have done to the car. For example if you fitted 60mm Lowering springs, or replaced many parts for new oem parts, include that information in your message!

I look forward to hearing from all of you, I will pick at random and all cars will be featured if I have been provided with enough information to make a worthwhile feature! I of course will reply via message with any questions I may have.

Your car may be featured next!

If you would like your car featured here, whether its a classic or new age model, get in touch with us via the Feature My Ride button below, or drop us a message on Facebook and Instagram.

Tell us all about your car, Feature Your Ride here with us