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Jordan’s VR6 B4 Passat

One cool OEM+ Wagon

This Passat started its life back in 1995, coming from the factory, fitted with the brilliant VR6 lump, making this B4, a cool wagon in its own right.

Now, since being in the Hands of its owner, Jordan, its had somewhat of an OEM + upgrade.

Picture: WOTPIX

From the outside, you easily see the subtle touches that this car has, including being nicely lowered over a set MK1 Audi TT wheels, which do actually look quite at home on this 90’s estate.

The rear is just as tidy as the rest of the car, also sporting those OEM slightly tinted rear lights.

In keeping with the nice clean style of this car, the inside has the full leather treatment, with the cool addition of a US spec MK2 Scirocco deep-dish steering wheel. Again, keeping quite well with the classy theme that’s going on.


Picture: Mark Rodway for Vagroots

Now, the B4 Passat could easily be overlooked on a show field, (depending on different peoples tastes that is), this one’s an eye catcher though, and the more discerning VW fans will notice the VR6 badge, just a clue to what lurks beneath. To some, it may just seem like an old estate with a VR in it, but as they say, looks can be sometimes deceiving, as Jordan has been busy under the bonnet too…

Once in Jordan’s hands, the factory fitted 12v 2.8 VR6 was swapped out for a 24v 2.8 V6 setup from a 2002 MK4 4motion.

He didn’t quite stop there either, while he was doing engine bits, it got treated to a custom TrackSlag manifold, and a de-cat-ed exhaust system too. Pair these with a custom remap and the car now sits at around 220 BHP. A nice figure for this car, not over the top, but enough to make this big wagon get from A to B a fair bit quicker, and with that awesome V6 noise.

So there we have it, Jordan’s awesome VR6 Passat. Tastefully done, nice and clean, a lovely daily. We do hope to see more soon but with an amazing looking project on the side (A lovely classic beetle, more on that soon we hope), will this stay as it is? Or is there more planned? Time will tell.

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